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Primark /Primark Haul / Primark shoplog / Penneys haul ~ September 2015 Alles Neu bei Primark – Oktober 2015 Todo Nuevo en Primark – octubre 2015 Alles …


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  1. Loved it, specialy the pj's and the end but mostly, thank you for showing onesies. ?

  2. please make a video Haloween

  3. Thanks very important

  4. Lucy Murphy says:

    could you please make a video if everything Christmas

  5. Hans Franz says:

    Thanx. Lots of work.

  6. thanks for the video! great job

  7. could you make a video only about t-shirts?

  8. Hey which primark is this xx

  9. IlovePrimark says:

    Oxford Street, London

  10. meitali D says:

    thank you sooo much! its awsome:)

  11. does anyone know if this things are in the primark in dublin,too?

  12. mcflyfreakDK says:

    Thanks for doing this!!

  13. Elvin A. says:

    i have so much HP shirts already so i forbid myself to buy more, but they get even more pretteh every time

  14. Kim Martin says:

    Does anybody know how much these faked Adidas Superstars are? (The black and white ones)

  15. Cute and super things and clothes.❤️? I'm going to go to London!!! ??

  16. timi sirota says:

    Best primark Oxford Street London

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