EXPLOSIVE: Dead FBI Whistleblower EXPOSED George HW Bush & Son Jeb’s Delivery Of Drugs & Prostitutes!


Former FBI Operative Darlene Novinger was my friend since 1991, and we did many radio interviews together as co-guests during the early 1990s to mid 1990s, died on July 27, 2003 from cancer related to an anthrax attack she suffered in 1994.

EXPLOSIVE Dead FBI Whistleblower EXPOSED George HW Bush & Son Jeb’s Delivery Of Drugs & Prostitutes

There were 28 of us Whistleblowers and Witnesses who suffered anthrax attacks between 1994 and 1997. Of the 28, 14 survived and several have since died of cancer.

Darlene personally witnessed the delivery of 99.9% pure cocaine and prostitutes to then Vice President George HW Bush, for his and his son’s own personal use, in the 1980s as an FBI Operative. Darlene was hired by the FBI to infiltrate the Smatt Brothers, the Jamaican Drug Lord’s narcotics importation into the US run by Florida Governor Jeb Bush.

The day after Darlene filed here report of the cocaine delivery to the Vice President Bush, Darlene’s superiors at the FBI tried to talk her out of writing the report and told her to forget what she had witnessed. She refused and wrote the report. The very next day, George HW Bush fired his entire staff in order to put the blame of the cocaine delivery on someone else.

Darlene Novinger’s operation was named Operation Neumbus. The Narcotics money was laundered into an Airport Hanger owned by Len Millman (Stew Webb’s ex-in-law) and Neil Bush (Director of Silverado Savings Denver owned by Millman’s MDC NYSE) at the Boca Raton Airport.

After Darlene’s husband was murdered, the files were sent to Red Wood City, California’s famous U.S. Government paper shredder base. Darlene shared those files with Whistleblower Stew Webb.

Darlene was written about in the book The Blue Grass Conspiracy.

Both Whistleblowers, Darlene Novinger and Stew Webb, are written about in the book Defrauding America by Former FAA Whistleblower Rodney Stich

Radio Interview With Darlene Novinger From June 1996:

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