Exposing The Illuminati CFR In 1967 By Myron C Fagan


Mr. Fagan describes with documentary evidence how the ILLUMINATI became the instrument of the House of Rothschild to achieve a “One World Government”.

Mr. Fagan relentlessly uncovered plots for major historical events. Myron Fagan is considered to be the archetype for the PCT (Paranoid Conspiracy Theorist)

This Recording is one of the most interesting and yet horrifying, factual stories of some of the most sensational plots in the history of the world.

The findings by Mr. Fagan were split into 6 parts, between 3 records and are presented to you here, in full.

Each record has some descriptive notes on the back of each jacket such as…

*Eliminate the Illuminati…see that this message is heard!!!

* Play this for the unaware, uninformed and well meaning people who desire to hear the truth. Don’t waste your time on the hardcore socialists who have already repudiated principle.


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  1. SAILERMAN says:

    Zionism = Control, Jesuits = Control, Illuminati = Control, Central Banking = Control, free Masons = Control, CFR = Control, Scientism (Atheism) = Control, UN = Control, Government = Control, Vatican = Control, Religion = Control, Globe Earth = Control……………………..  Flat Motionless Earth = Freedom, No Government = Freedom

  2. Kent Maisano says:

    ain't that the truth

  3. Great channel. Keep up the good work.

  4. Thanks for the upload

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