German Uniforms of World War 1 I THE GREAT WAR Special


From the iconic Pickelhaube to the almost legendary Stahlhelm and the field grey colour, German military uniforms of World War 1 are instantly recognisable.


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  1. Question about the "Pickelhaube". Was it just a design artifact? Did it symbolize anything?

  2. Jan Postema says:

    Some extra information about the Pickelhaube!

    Several countries used the pickelhaube. The design was generally meant to fend off saberflows on top of the head. Not all pickelhaubes used spikes, some had round balls on top. Also height varied. It was possible to take off the spike, which is what a lot of soldiers did during world war 1 to avoid it giving away your position in the field.

    They main pickelhaube design was build of 3 pieces of leather. One round bowl with 2 caps sewn to the front and back. Some more luxurious pickelhaubes were made of metal.

    The emblem on the helmet symbolised where the soldier was from. An example of design was an eagle holding a relic in each claw and the text: mitt gott fur koenig und vaterland. Also the initials FR; Ferdinand Rex meaning Ferdinand the Great

    Fun fact: there is a horribly funny video of a teckel wearing a tiny pickelhaube marching alongside the infantery

  3. Nazri pain says:

    Can you do special episode about the role Josip Broz Tito role in Great War? I heard that he was former soldier Austro- Hungarian Army…..

  4. Anybody else notice Hitler at 5:33? and the next photo. He's got a different moustache on the photograph I notice

  5. austrian uniforms: 10 hour video

  6. But….why did they think having a huge point on their helmets were a good idea in the first place?

  7. Jean Hapisme says:

    5:38 on the far left, if I remember, this guy is Hitler.

  8. can't believe i had the end of the war spoiled for me :'(

  9. John Cole says:

    Will you guys ever do an episode on some of the stranger pieces of technology used during the war? I heard that the british forces tried attaching mail coverings to their helmets to deflect shrapnel, and the Canadian Expeditionary Force had the MacAdam Shield Shovel which didn't really work well either as a shield or a shovel.

  10. Have you ever read fifty shades of field grey?

  11. Stefan T says:

    Grau grau grau sind alle meine Kleider..

  12. general_war says:

    what time constraints?

  13. PanterausfG says:

    Please make a Stormtropper episode, and not just German ones.

  14. Nele Abels says:

    Thanks for your insightful and interesting comments on military history! I really enjoy watching your videos.

    Your German is a bit weird, though. I'd recommend if you want to research the exact pronunciation of words in other languages.

  15. UwotM8 says:

    First, thanks for this great show!

    After watching the first minutes of this Special, I think of another special Episode about the structure of the army, not just the german army, but all warring nations. Who was in charge ? Was there a hierarchy ? How was it executed ? Where were the headquarters ?

  16. actually to my knowledge it was given to mg crews and early stumrgruppens individuals but was later abandoned due to heavy weight and due to beign uncomfortable and questionable in terms of protection.also brits tested during the ww1 a system with cloth with metal plates laid inside.these designs later innovated the ww2 soviet body armor given to combat engineers and the us aircrews flak jackets.

  17. Swagger Hat says:

    Nice vid m8 didnt know the facts in the start 😀 and also the letter at last really tells the soldiers feelings on the battlefield (Verdun prob Many more battles) it must have been horrible

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