Giant Ancestors Of The Atlanteans


This is from Kakha Margiani and I believe the basic premise is supported by other facts not known to the experts in the Caucasus mountains area. In France and Spain, contemporaneous with these remains in question referred to in the video, were other peoples nearly as large, centered around the Pyrenees mountains area and although their stone tools are made differently, the are of a related type. I believe these were part of the populations that crossed the Atlantic during the Solutrean period and could have settled in Atlantis along the way: they certainly seem to have continued on in America into a later date Archaeologically.


Published on May 28, 2012 by Kakha Margiani

Sensational finding was made between the Great and Little Caucasus Mountain Ranges. In the Georgia are discovered remains of the very mysterious giants. For centuries here was spread legend about the mysterious giants. Now the legend became reality. What a mystery is hidden here? Reports our correspondent – Robaqidze.

The bones belong to the people, the giants. They lived 25,000 years ago in the mountains of the Borjomi. Scientists argue that the growth of human giant could be from 2.5 to 3 meters. Academic Abesalom Vekua believes that the finding could be a sensation, as in the scientific community has long debated topic related to the giants who inhabited certain areas of Eurasia thousands of years ago. Abesalom Vekua, Academician of Georgian Academy of Sciences says: “Pay attention to thigh-bone, it differs from the bones of modern man of his size and thickness. The skull is also much larger. These people have lived and evolved in isolation from the rest of civilization, and therefore different growth. In literature they are referred to as giants, but documentary evidence of this hypothesis did not exist still. Thus, we stand on the threshold of sensation. But this will be preceded by hard work.”#Link

Cro-magnon_giant_humans of western europe. The one shown at right is 2.5 meters tall.

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