Grandmaster Melle Mel – World War III


Label: Sugar Hill Records — SH 32058 Format: Vinyl, 12″ Country: US Released: 1985 Genre: Hip Hop Style: Rap BUY IT, SUPPORT IT!


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  1. Lyrically so prophetic.
    When rap and hiphop was good, political and free from hate, violence and colour.

  2. Marcus White says:

    i miss hip hop like this….

  3. Toby Newell says:

    The Message. White Lines. World War III. Positive. Intelligent.

    Freestyle. Fast paced rhyming to match anyone since. Excellent diction. Charismatic intonation. Trail Blazer.

    One of the all time greats.

  4. the most lyrically catastrophic composition ever written inmho. melle mel paved the way for kane rakim and all the other complex musicians in hip hop. listen to how lyrically ingenious and specifically intricate the lyrics are. outrageously immensely detailed. blows my mind like it did when it dropped in the 80s. one

  5. This is so fly!!!!!!!

  6. Tim Tam says:

    Find a better rap – you can't beat the master Mel

  7. Bullshit… Melle is the best, the original… check out these lyrics… not bitches and cars… just clever…

  8. City Jamer says:

    I find this song on my Tape ^^
    Then I looked for this on the Internet (i know that was Grandmaster Melle Mel but not the Name).
    Now I have liked xD

  9. I believe it's coming mel

  10. bought this 12" in 85 I was 11 years old, played it over and over it blew my mind, Mel sounded like a prophet to me

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