Hearts of Iron 4 – AI ONLY – World War II 1939 [HOI4 Gameplay] Part 3


Hearts of Iron 4 AI ONLY Gameplay [1939 start of World War 2] HOI4 on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/394360/ Hearts of Iron 4 description from …


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  1. ImDane2517 says:


  2. To naval invade you have to leave from a port and you can arrive at any coastal province

  3. OMAR IS GOOD says:

    you freacked me at 17:28

  4. Shark Man says:

    Question: When you view a country, could you control it?

  5. The. round Danish island is called Fyn and the islands that Copenhagen sits on are called sjællend and Amager

  6. Malo1997dk says:

    France and UK joined lands under UK name. It also happened in one of the WWW sessions, and was something that was considered during WW2

  7. 18:08 crack lord strikes again

  8. whats with the bullcrap that Italy invades sub-saharan africa! there shouldnt be any fighting there, just like HOI3 the should be a small strip of land in north africa to make it more realistic and fun. There are many things that disapoint me in this game

  9. drew… learn your history its embarrassing

  10. textrian says:

    UK took over France through a National focus. That's why you don't see them, it's also why UK has all of their overseas provinces.

  11. The Hexmage says:

    There is an event that merges France and the UK, think that happend would explain why they disappeared and UK got all their remaining land.

  12. pafnus says:

    pls look countries factory capacities..

  13. I think alliance with USSR is not possible anylonger. They have to be at peace and UK won't give them that until the game is over …

  14. France and Britain formed the Anglo-French union, that's why France is'nt on the list, it (and it's casualties) have merged with the UK

  15. Top Facts says:

    France wasnt on the list because they surrender, leaving the war.

  16. MagIsTr1X says:

    i think japan-china balance needs some work ive seen like 6 or 7 playthroughs so far and japan always lost. seems to be a problem especially in 1939 start

  17. France is dead you're next from axis

  18. Patriot says:

    ah so france joined the united kingdom thats why you couldent see there causality count

  19. Jedi Nerd says:

    france survives. see if you can find their holdings out of Africa and Asia

  20. Jedi Nerd says:

    it fell before 5 minutes tho

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