Hearts of Iron IV 3 Day War: Day 3 – Multiplayer


Hearts of Iron IV is a grand strategy from Paradox set during World War II. http://store.steampowered.com/app/394360/ Support me over at …


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  1. Kash Kash says:

    first. and view 95

  2. subs in fleet battles ? aren't they slowing down everybody ?

  3. "This naval battle is bloody…"
    You could say that that was…A BLOODY NAVAL BATTLE!

  4. Sgt Frost says:

    Such glorious conquest of Moscow. Exploit game mechanics. Comrade Stalin disapproves. Adolf hitler approves. I approve. If it's allowed it ain't cheating.

  5. blueminty100 says:

    How did he get the units to stay on the coastlines?

  6. piotr h says:

    Cool event!

  7. 117superdude says:

    Marbozir dragged this whole thing down with his shitty internet and inability as UK.

  8. Kirk Maximus says:

    Balance issues? Yes, the Axis needs MORE power! =D

  9. So world war two is over before world war two?

  10. Gun Hero says:

    684'th view and 76'th like

  11. Therealcdogs says:

    Japan got way too much though XD

  12. John Yoga says:

    Seems to me that there may need to be harsher winter effects in the game. Germany was able to take over Moscow during winter.

  13. TheRasdf says:

    Trucky died a hero.

  14. I must say, I am amazed at how little industrial power Italy had. Generally I have around 125-175 by mid 1939, and I'm usually a book at grand strategy games 😛 Quick tip, to cut down on repairs needed from resistance without mp's, click on the province, then click on the resistance icon. Set the occupation policy for the countries giving you trouble to Harshest. It helps alot.

  15. Also, most of the time you can build new factories in home provinces faster than you can repair and keep intact occupied factories

  16. John Stewart says:

    Look at the 3 troops fighting Greece at 47:50

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