Hillary Clinton Exposed : Things You Didn’t Know – Full Documentary


Hillary Clinton Exposed : Things You Didn’t Know – Full Documentary.


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  1. Clinton was a power hungry, power drunk, egomaniac, who changed like a camelion whenever she felt it would gain her an advantage. She was naturally an habitual lier.

  2. I wonder if she is a legit psychopath.

  3. K Watkins says:

    I can't believe that any critical documents can exist without at least a microfiche of them in a safe somewhere. But to allow critical documents to exist in single copy only in an accessible location is just impossible for me to believe. Even newspapers have multiple backup copies. These are critical government documents containing damning information. It is a widely accepted excuse, but not easy to believe.

  4. Daisy Nhem says:

    Should be more then guilty ?????????????jail time??????????????????

  5. ROKDAWG says:

    You had me at "when the American farmer is eligible for food stamps, there's a problem…which I am.."…HOLY SHIT !! I I've been patting myself on the back for jumping ship as a life-long DEM and voting Trump, YAY!, we won….but now I am so humbled, daily, by the evidence of darker deeds and a grander plan. I am humbled because if YOU REPUBLICANS hadn't rallied around each other and then engage people like me who have been spoon-fed lies for a lifetime in way that WOKE US UP. I feel like you , well like you kind of SAVED us. That's how I feel, not patting myself on the back now so much. I really didn't DO anything. I think people in lifeboats celibrate momentarily when someone pulls them on board and fishes them from the sea to live another day, but the celebration, I'm sure, becomes muted almost immediately by the situation at hand and the need to focus on survival. I'm ready for ALL Americans to finish their mourning AND their celebrating so we all can get back to the business of fixing what's broken, giving what's working a shot in the arm, and giving everyone a hand up and not a hand-out when they need it. That alone would go a long way towards a mutual goal.

  6. Fuggsakes s says:


  7. Pearl Railey says:

    Thank you Father Elohim for the Trump victory.

  8. DH says:

    Reached 3:40 and stopped when I heard it make noise. Oh that noise. I hate it more than Gargamel hated those rotten disgusting wretched little smurfs.

  9. podoz says:

    i always thought she needs to go to jail, but now i think she is truly deserving of the death penalty. Bill needs to go to jail, but she is the "brains" behind their life long criminal enterprise. She needs to hang

  10. Wendy H says:

    Clinton seems very very jewish and you don't get LOWER then jewish, Watching Mr. Dale cry because of these Fucking Dirty Kikes! as I always said its the jew Whore's that cause ALL the Trouble they are the ruthless and LOWEST of all women and pop out children they could care less about, these jew whores will sell their children and great grand children because the jew whore could care less!! I hear Clinton smells like a SEWER

  11. Chris Kuchem says:

    I'm hoping that soon after Donald Trump swears in, he snaps his finger and releases Darrell Issa, Mike Lee, and Trey Gowdy and on her. She's down right now – but so was Freddie Krueger for a while. And we know how long that lasted. The wooden stake necessary to end her political influence and ambitions once and forever will be an indictment. Hopefully she'll get much more than that.

  12. Son Of Allin says:

    My feelings Hillary? Why sure! I feel you're the most corrupt, dishonest woman on the face of this earth. I wouldn't vote for you even if you threatened to suck my cock you worthless skank!

  13. Miss Marie says:

    so now that Clinton has finally lost can we get DVDs of the path to 9/11 now?

  14. She's schitsofrinic.

  15. She even has the word LIAR in her name!!!!

  16. I FIRMLY believe Mr. DONALD J. TRUMP 45th PRESIDENT of the U.S.A. should go after ALL the Clintons…ESPECIALLY HILLARY….why should she be allowed to skate on all the crap she pulled ???????????? Would ANY working class person get away with the stuff she did?? I DON'T THINK SO…

  17. Ding dong the witch is dead the witch is dead ding dong the wicked witch is dead. Ding dong the wicked witch is dead..
    Which o'l witch? The wicked witch.

  18. "Killary Klintin" "her controversy's , a gift that keeps on giving"
    LOL ヽ(⌒∇⌒)ノ

  19. Eddie Martin says:

    If any are nominated for HELL… It is the "CLINTONS"!

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