Hollywood Warning in Movies 2016? (Illuminati in America)


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  1. Rita Stieben says:

    This is NOT A GOOD DEAL for US. We all saw it coming, if you aren't on the Right side, you best get there and now.

  2. 55Herbie1 says:

    My gosh, this is really stretching it!! Reminds me of the same nonsense they were talking about last year for September 2015. Ugh…..

  3. Do people know this is not real?

  4. Fred Herrie says:

    Stop making this kind of bullshit doomsday videos! Every new year you release your bullshit in the world and every year NOTHING happens! I really dont understand your followers are they that blind or just that stupid?

  5. so basically where fucked

  6. Abram Porras says:

    glad alot more people are starting to open there eyes

  7. Bloody Farts says:

    Laughing and making fun of people who believe and are against the NWO /Illuminati is shameful! Yet laugh now but cry much, much later!

  8. Prepared to see Beyonce be possessed AGAIN on stage at the superbowl.

  9. Fuck This New World Order? I Love GOD Not This Shit Y'all Putting Up With. Y'all All Will Burn In Hell With That Damn Devil U Gays And Team B. Ass People.

  10. Gary Baxter says:

    He is a young DRAG QUEEN, WGAF.

  11. you do realize that men use to play all women roles back at the beginning of the entertainment industry? basically starting with the Shakespeare era

  12. HAWXTER12 says:

    Laugh and joke about it now….next minute.

  13. Drew Page says:

    Oh help the debil has come. They're trying to tell us and the signs are upon us because people are cross dressing!!!!. WTF? Do you hear yourselves? Fairytales for the average American. Nothing in any of you video constitutes as evidence. NOTHING. You have no idea what proof means. What your doing is called conjenture and assumption. Thats it.

  14. Can't wait for part 2 Jason! Your videos are amazing. Can you please tell me what was the music in the background at 5:20? Really liked that. 😉 Thank you and God bless! Nina.

  15. And the bad thing is they putting it out there and people still dumb to believe and refuse to believe that the Illuminati exist smh

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