Homeless Uncle Sam tells us how the voting course of action Truly operates. Spoiler Alert: It has a little something to do with masturbation, the electoral college and Tupac.
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Writer: Heather Anne Campbell (
Storyboard Director: Ben Jones
Tunes/Composition: Mark Rivers
Voice Expertise: Mark Rivers
Animation: Sean Solomon, Garrett Davis, Sean Glaze/LordSpew, Matt Marblo, Adam Murray
Design and style: Garrett Davis, John Pham, Amanda Winterstein, Miranda Tacchia, Erin Kavanagh
Editor: Al LeVine


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22 Responses

  1. Chris Hastie says:


  2. I don't understand the masturbation part.

  3. Guys I saw pee at the start after he picks the paper up

  4. this video has 1,666,987 views … why

  5. Chummy says:

    Random Pep: Why do you even vote?
    Me: Because I love cheese

  6. george soros says:

    a bit early on the vid

  7. Mayn 101 says:

    Hmm…a video exaggerating the claims of Illuminati theorists to make them look bad and a cartoon pizza avatar…Pizzagate much?

  8. The scary part is this is all real

  9. TheTallMan35 says:

    Oh wow…now it all makes sense. NOT!

  10. Corgichu says:


  11. TJman 461 says:

    that was funny i liked it

  12. Nyrufa says:

    To everybody who says the election is rigged, know that America is a republic. That means we choose a bunch of old, rich people to vote for us! So much for freedom!

  13. Gamer One says:

    So they feed my vote to horses?

    Donald Horse for president!

  14. Ha, you probably should've uploaded this later. Like now.

  15. That Adam says:

    None of this is actually true

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