Illuminati Whistleblower “They Worship lucifer”


Illuminati Whistleblower “They Worship lucifer”


Carolyn reveals how the Illuminati worship lucifer and are location the phase for the antichrist to choose handle of “the new earth get”. Carolyn discusses mind handle, boy or girl abuse, satanic rituals and reveals how the illuminati seriously experience about Jesus Christ.

“For we wrestle not versus flesh and blood, but versus principalities, versus powers, versus the rulers of the darkness of this earth, versus non secular wickedness in higher places.”
Ephesians 6:twelve

Carolyn reveals how these un-noticed demons flee at the identify of Jesus Christ and how calling out his identify or even pondering it can crack a person cost-free from slumber paralysis, one thing to which numerous numerous persons will attest.

This is a very exciting, educational and revealing interview that is
not to be missed!

Beyond the Actual physical Realm (Carolyn Hamlett site )


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  1. Ah Med YB says:

    This is the niceist movie i ever seeeee!!! I advise everyboody to watch it 🙂

  2. John Hunter says:

    Interviewers…..really need to learn how to guide the discussion without breaking context. Very disappointing.

  3. John Hunter says:

    "I dont want to say who it was"……well that destroys all the value of your "testimony". Thats why we can never go after these people….because "oh…I cant say who".

  4. "Emanates love and light", but is a complete anti-Christ as evil as Lucifer/Satan is described in all the world religions as the planter of evil in mankind…..that does not make sense on a scientific level/energetic level. Why are a lot of these illuminati whistleblowers always Christians that see Jesus as only one thing?

    Let me tell you all something VERY important in the upcoming times-UNITY of spirit is not something EVER wrong, bad or evil. In fact, it is ultimately what the universe is working on in slowly coming back together after the "big stretch" or "big bang".

    Stop it Christians, Jews, Muslims, etc. Stop saying Unity is a bad thing. It is not, and Jesus was trying to teach it. If the illuminati is truly evil, they would keep us forever divided and warring against one another keeping the world in turmoil.

    Control over others and forcing people to worship in one strange evil alien god that asks people to skin dogs, would be bad. But not ever unity of the spirit, mind and heart. Division is the seed of evil, not unity.

    Unity always comes from a place of God.

  5. Thank you for coming forward.

  6. Meags Dekkar says:

    Bush dynasty is evil

  7. Luciferians DO state 1) "Lucifer is real", 2) "Lucifer is the celebration of life".  But Lucifer is the celebration of life for themselves and in the mean time, destroy innocent lives by "crossing the line of God" unto an innocent.  3) they are also demons.

  8. PhillyLucky7 says:

    This lady sounds nuts. lol

  9. Kristie W says:

    Its Awesome to see people with first hand experiences to these up close and person agendas, come into the Light and Speak out, to help others! They are Protected by the One True God! Amen!  I have Literally experienced the attack in my sleep more then one time. It was some kind of attack in my dream, and one dream they were trying to get my son, and I remember instantly Proclaiming Jesus and saying in the of Jesus Christ you must flee and they closed my mouth, and I continued to speak it through my teeth, I was still holding onto my son and not letting go of him ! I woke up with a Lock Jaw speaking through my teeth! it was Crazy! One of the most vivid dreams I can remember! There is Power in the Name of Jesus, and in the Tongue in general!

  10. I am just not frightened. Being the leader of the world is a whole lot of work. Why would anyone rich want all that work.

  11. Dan L says:

    it was all good up until 4:30 when she said she spoke with angels and sees the future

  12. Its satan………..not lucifer is good.

  13. John Meyer says:

    This woman is un-hinged .
    Probably early schizophrenia .

  14. I can't make ant sense of any thing this women is saying really…she's not able to focus, big wast of time watching.

  15. atlbobby215 says:

    I'd hate to be her boyfriend…wacko

  16. jimmielee says:

    There are twisted people and groups of people who practice dark arts. You don't need a written invitation from the Illuminati to practice dark arts. She went through some "brainwashing"for lack of a better description. I hear people say"You can worship whoever you want as long as your not hurting anyone" Well what is the response when people are sacrificing people which is actively happening. Just have to do your research.

  17. thebachu786 says:

    She's talking about Dajjal, the Anti-Christ. He will manifest himself in Jerusalem soon.

  18. Robert Bird says:

    this woman is a new age Satanist,,so called ascended masters are nothing but demons a this woman communicates with them,beware of this fraudulent woman,she is definitely still involved!

  19. nikkole1 says:


  20. Dear GOD your people are scared for the future where are you?
    Evil times Evil place and EVIL people who are in power of the world.
    Looks like the whole of America is in to devil worshipping. It so scary.

  21. I suffered an agonizing 7 year suicidal depression until a friend suggested it may be a "demonic attack", yea right I said in my infinite wisdom and didn't bother to pursue this further until the depression deepened to a very agonizing extent. On the advice of my friend I stated in my head "If there is a Jesus I ask you for help and I command that all negative entities which are bothering me to go away and stay away in the name of my Lord Jesus Christ". From then on my life began to transform to now where even in this terrible world we live in I maintain a state of peace and joy which is always increasing.

    I talk to Jesus in my head every day and ask him that his, and God's will be done with everything. That's all prayer really is, intentional and genuine mental communication with Jesus or the one true Creator God. Feel safe in asking that his will be done because his will is always for our greatest good. The alternative is to make one of the dark lords as your god and worship them. Either way, we are always worshiping either Divinity or darkness by what we give our time too (is it the bible, or is it MTV? )

  22. Hala Heleu says:

    Is Freddy Kruger a Luciferian? He inspires many in his vision.

  23. Jim Abdo says:

    the holy KORAN is the number one enemy to these satanistic devilish infidels . they dont want you to read the KORAN . because when you read the 1437 year book you would think that it was written yesterday , the zionist jewish budget to fight the KORAN is in the billions ,  but of cource it is from the tax paing americans .  america wake up  , the military must move and do something to the real enemy of america (THE JEWS ) and no one else before its too late …god bless america  and may god protect all these innocent truth telling people .

  24. April Rain says:

    Jesus Christ my Savior will return very soon!

  25. Bec K says:

    I have heard extremely similar testimony of an Australian woman Fiona Barnett. She talks about being taken to an army base and down levels of this base underground where they kept children in cages. She said some of these kids had never seen the light of day! It was part of her programming, her abusers put her in a cage with these children born into captivity for several hours.

  26. in the beginning as soon as she said she could see Spirit beings as a baby the interview went down the toilet

  27. Jesus Christ is the Way the Truth and the Life. Satan will deceive and destroy. Trump never thanked God or said "God bless America " in his acceptance speech. Both Republicans and Democrats are evil!

  28. Please pray for these children that she mentioned in this video.

  29. MsJinkerson says:

    I look at it if Lucifer doesn't deliver he is not worth it . I was a card carrying member and got no agnollage for it they want members but are not willing to give any thing or any help so they are frauds the Church of Satan

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