Inside Area 51’s Secrets – Full Documentary


ABDH Media — WATCH Documentary About – “Deepest Point on Earth Is Explored” Aliens And Area 51.


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  1. [This is comment has been redacted by the U.S Government]

  2. Nasty 5Head says:

    I bet you thats where they are keeping Rockefeller, heard he got his 10th heart transplant recently.

  3. Dick Jones says:

    I like secrets.

  4. tala bamin says:

    just find the extra stupid guy n send him in

  5. guys some people actually fear for there live when they think about this stuff they may not believe but it still haunts them

  6. ALIEN SKATER says:

    Fuck you this video is shit

  7. Josiah Peck says:

    vote existing but relatively fully committee fire reasonable bottle.

  8. randy wilson says:

    were does area 51 get there power

  9. randy wilson says:

    the world will be better ,when we all die…thx et

  10. ld vancko says:

    I Love Alien ???

  11. wow"!!! interesting

  12. nobody knows says:

    cheaply??????? mig-29 is cheap, what about f-35…what a bunch of lies

  13. Theres no fucking aliens all of this is bullshit and made up anyone can post photoshop pictures its not hard

  14. Aleril says:

    Don't worry guys, I have super powers. I'll get myself in there and tell you everything I see.

  15. SCP 049 says:

    Area 51 is a military testing and air force base and secret facility of top secret information and Extra terrestrial life . It is located in Nevada and the base is loaded with tactical equipment land mines snipers helicopter you name it . They hid the fact that ET's are real because the people that don't believe this and everyone finds out the country would go insane and riot the facility . There has been cases of deaths across the site from former CIA agents dying from toxic fumes but the thug they were burning was unidentifiable. They store Alien Spacecrafts and make new military and plane technology and tests and examines the UFO's. aliens are entirely held and contained at the site being given surgery and interviewed for testing purposes any personnel not authorized to the site is terminated without warning . The government has been covering the existence of Area 51 until 2013 which released the fact that it is real but didn't remark the statement of aliens being kept inside the facility . But people believe that they are still there

  16. R.K. Dhingra says:

    Is it really so…???

  17. need them to be release to be on the way to guide my way back..

  18. Are yes aliens along side an autopsy of big foot .  I was hoping for a great fiction story but this is average to poor .

  19. If her I got removed how is it there later in the interview

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