Is the Massive Puerto Rico Trench Awakening?


by Zen Gardner

“What Puerto Rico Trench?”  Exactly.

The arrows in the map below show the direction the underlying Caribbean tectonic plates are moving, with the resultant build-up of pressure releasing into a myrid of earthquakes in the region over the years. Puerto Rico is the smaller green island in the middle, with the Dominican Republic the larger island to the left. The string of other Caribbean islands is buried under the earthquake markers that flow down the page to the lower right.

You can see the Puerto Rico Trench wraps around the entire zone.

A few little known facts came to the fore as I was researching this area after spotting the recent increase in seismic activity in the Caribbean region.

1. The Puerto Rico Trench is the biggest and deepest such trench in the entire Atlantic ocean.

2. This trench is capable of producing 8.0 earthquakes and above.

3. The risk of a major quake, underwater landslide and mega tsunami are as great as that of the Seattle area. In fact, one recent risk assessment put it at 35 to 55%!

4. The zone hasn’t ruptured in over 200 years and that has geologists seriously concerned.

In other words, something major will happen. No one knows when, but it will happen, as it has in the past there.

Add that to the fact that 35 million people live in surrounding low lying areas and you have a monumental disaster just waiting to happen.

But Why No Warning?

What struck is that in everything I’m reading, it’s admitted this risk is huge but it’s hardly known in the area. Even Wikipedia admits:

Knowledge of the earthquake and tsunami risks has not been widespread among the general public of the islands located near the trench.

Why? Would it negatively impact the local economy, much like the idiot mayor’s development worries in the movie Jaws? Are there really such people in charge?

Well, look at the Gulf oil disaster and Fukushima for starters. I don’t think the concern is anyone’s health or well being – it’s preserving the status quo while the disasters take their toll as quietly as possible.

Remember–it’s not crisis prevention, it’s crisis management.

Here’s the Recent Activity In the Area

Here’s where it first caught my eye–what was that all about in the Caribbean down there? See that fault line between the massive North and South American continents?

Map showing earthquakes

Now here’s a close-up:

10-degree map showing recent earthquakes

There are 25 earthquakes in the past week. The blue dots are in the past 24 hours.

The Big Picture

Now consider a few factors and you’ll want to warn everyone you can in the region.

1. Seismic activity worldwide is up 6 times what it was last year and we’re only half way into the year.

2. The current solar maximum cycle will continue to escalate until 2013 so we have some serious bombardment  ahead.

3. Comet, asteroid, planetoid and/or dwarf star arrivals and other celestial events and alignments are in the very near future.

4. Extremely powerful technology is now in the hands of mad scientists and manipulators who are making war on the planet. HAARP and other similar atmospheric heater arrays are capable of creating and/or exasperating already “poised” situations at any time to suit their purposes.

5. The Ring of Fire as well as the New Madrid Fault are active and poised for much greater movement which will cause a domino effect.

6. The Puerto Rico Trench is a unique geological formation due to major plate subduction.


Oceanic crust is formed at an oceanic ridge, while the lithosphere is subducted back into the asthenosphere at trenches.

7. The Caribbean plate joins the North and South American plates, both of which are moving. Something will eventually give.

All That To Say…

We live in wild times and we cannot be ignorant of the world around us and the potential for disaster. We must not live in fear, but we must be awake and aware.

In light of this information, I would suggest anyone knowing anyone or even any news outlets in the Caribbean region to send them this article, or your own personal warning and concern. They’ve obviously not been warned.

This goes for anyone in seismically active areas. Many people, including myself, have moved to “higher ground” and take these things seriously. At the least have emergency supplies and plans always ready. We’re in for a bumpy ride no matter where we are.

“Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.”

We Need To Stay Tuned and Continue to Inform

The Powers That Be are not about informing or empowering the people, as you have probably learned. There are wonderful groups trying to help people take real threats like these seriously, but it’s in spite of the government, not because of them.

If people realize they need to stay conscious and informed on their own and not expect the media to tell you what to do, they can stay a step ahead, or at least know how to read the signs of the times and react in a conscious way.

Whatever you do, don’t follow Hollywood’s pre-programmed panic conditioning. Keep fear out of the equation in whatever you do, think or plan. The Universe, God or whatever you want to call it, is in control – we just need to be attuned to where It wants us to be and do our part to keep the awakening happening. Love will always find a way.

Love, Zen

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  1. Larry says:

    I have researched earthquakes globally since the Ring-of-Fire exploits ending with Japan and resulting Tsunami. West Coast USA was my first concern since I live in CA. I then thought about New Madrid and was drawn to Canaries. Up the Mid Atlantic Ridge to Iceland and back to middle of Atlantic’s three connecting Plates. This still did not answer my senses even though the pull in these regions were very strong. Enter Edgar Cayce and his predictions for America’s coasts. Now I zeroed in Caribbean area and stopped dead in my tracks at the Puerto Rican trench. I truly believe Edgar Cayce was a prophet he performed one of the greatest feats in modern time with his readings. So with your analysis and 55% potential prognosis of real danger this is my #1 concern. While I cannot predict a time I will go on a limb and say within a years time this area will explode with a 9.0 plus quake. A major landslide will send not a mega but a Super Mega Tsunami in all directions. 25,000 foot trench is soo mind blowing I can’t predict just how high this series of waves will be. My wish is people start to get the true picture that they are responsible for their own safety. PRAYER is a strong soothing release and hopefully will be answered with the help needed. Fear only overwhelms if its warning goes unheeded!

  2. very interesting. Thanks for the work Zen

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