Journalists suspect US State Secretary Kerry in quoting Internet fakes


The US Secretary of State John Kerry harshly criticized the anti-Semitism in Ukraine. In his speech he spoke about the leaflets “in one of the cities” in which the Jews demanded to declare themselves. These leaflets have recently appeared in the Donetsk region. The man who has allegedly signed the leaflets ,said RT, that they are fake.

Journalists suspect US State Secretary Kerry in quoting Internet fakes

The statement of the Secretary of State

Speaking on the results of the four-party talks in Geneva, John Kerry told the reporters about anti-Semitism in Ukraine and gave the example of a situation that allegedly occurred in one of the towns.

“During the past couple of days Jews in one of the cities were sent letters that they should declare themselves as Jews. The letter also contained threats, ” said Kerry.

“By 2014, after all the lessons that history has presented to us, it is not just unacceptable, it is – absurd. This is – beyond acceptability. … People involved in this kind of activity on both sides need to understand that there is no place for this”, said Kerry.

Interpretation of the journalists

BBC Moscow bureau chief Kevin Bishop has immediately responded to the statement by the Secretary of State. In his microblog, he wrote that it is a document from Donetsk, whose photograph appeared on the Internet a few days ago. “Here is the paper, which cited John Kerry – an appeal to the Jews of Donetsk register,” – said the journalist.

BBC’s micro blog, which nearly 10 million people are signed up for, cited Kerry’s statement.

“Fake and not a good one”

The document, which Bishop posted, really calls for Jews to register before May 3, 2014 in some kind of “Commissioner for Nationalities.” This letter was allegedly distributed in Donetsk in the last few days. The letter is signed by “people’s governor,” Dennis Pushilin.

In fact, there are similar letters not only to the Jews, but also to entrepreneurs, foreign students and other citizens of certain occupations. In fact it was a fake, and quite an unfortunate one.

There is a signature of the “people’s governor.”

Firstly, no one has elected the people’s governer. Secondly, the seal there belongs to the former Mayor. Everything has been done through photoshop, ” said in an interview to RT Pushilin. He categorically denied the authenticity of the letter.
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