Justin Bieber is Gay – Illuminati Exposed


Justin Bieber is Gay – Illuminati Exposed / Took Gay Illuminati Baphomet Oath for Fame Gay Illuminati Rapper, Young Thug Uses Make-Up Inspired Snapchat …


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  1. Bizzle 1994 says:

    I know ur lying cuz the thumb nail is fake itself ?? like ur whole channel biatchhh suck my Jerry

  2. justin bieber dont do hip hop ?

  3. Seems more like you have an agenda against gay people. Those photos looks photoshopped. Stop with this gay shit and start exposing real shit.

  4. Prince Slice says:

    Please tell that photo Is fake because that's crazy

  5. TriL TV says:

    Justin WEINER!

  6. you have to be gay to have a career. poor darling….those pedos are disgusting….

  7. i knew he was gay when he first came out

  8. javon garth says:


  9. please stop saying "gay shit" it's real offensive

  10. your a homophobic prick

  11. John Doe says:

    You da man bro!! Keep the good shit coming.. Fuck the NWO

  12. Danny John says:

    This is photo shop!!! and funny at the same time))))

  13. this is so bullshit man hahah so fucked up u spray fear into people u are nsa agenda people pha what do you think this fake picture are edited u can telll , watch pic 1 google justin bieber nippels 2 picture jb kissing a fan seen both of them.. nice done tho… the real conspiracy is u , couse u belive in devil and bullshit u create ur own demons, exposed bullshit get yourself a hobby

  14. he is not gay, it is a tranny….

  15. elmin82 says:

    he could be bisexual

  16. Teenage Mind says:

    justin bieber doesnt even do hip hop tho tf is you talking about

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