Justin Bieber RUDE In BBC Interview – Ariana Grande Gets Injured (DHR)


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20 Responses

  1. justin needs to get his shit together

  2. Zoe Nicoll says:

    why is it big news that ava is bi… like really… so many others r bi and they never get on the show…

  3. Arilicious G says:

    Justin is probably just having a hard time with whats been going on recently, I think it would make the most sense, he could feel hurt by the people who call themselves his fans. No hate to Justin or Beliebers, I understand beliebers will suppoort him through thick and thin but there are people out there who just call themselves fans so they could have a 'good rep', or whatever… Y'know, the people who would talk trash about someone but act like they're the persons bff/biggest fan around them.. Whatever, you know what I mean, right?

  4. whats wrong with him forgetting his lyrics? Remember he has alot of song he has to know!?

  5. Belieber since day one but yep, Justin does need to big up soon enough because lotsa Belieber's are leaving the fandom because of his poor excuses. We miss you, Justin.

  6. justin is TRASH. I've given him so many chances but he keeps fucking up. he's rude, selfish, and ungrateful. it's so sad to see his fans trying to stick up for him when he's just a bad person.

  7. well, at least Justin doesn't lip-sync



  10. satanscourt says:

    red haired looks weird

  11. guys you need to give justin a break being famous is hard because your constantly in the media and people are like watching you so come on guys all you need to do is give him love thats all

  12. Aliyah Ayers says:

    I love Justin an all but he needs to get him self together I'm not gonna give up on him ❤️

  13. Aliyah Ayers says:

    An I love Ariana grande ❤️❤️

  14. Sajola sash says:

    I think JB is over the fame, but Clever gets on my nerves as usual, just because a person is employed by you does not automatically mean, they have to do everything for you, like if he shits, is the bodyguard suppose to wipe his ass too

  15. Caleb Dix says:

    Eva came out as bisexual….I wonder what teala thinks about this

  16. Farwa Asghar says:

    We have come to place where Justin not being rude should be a news

  17. Emma B says:

    He's very talented, and that's all that matters. You like him for his music not his personality.
    You go fuck yourself.

  18. JessErin says:

    Justin is just misunderstood

  19. I'm a belieber but I think he need to fix his attitude towards everyone & everything…..

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