This video exposes the BLACK MAMBA KOBE BRYANT as a Illuminati SELL OUT see how he was made to be the face of the NBA and the GOLDEN BOY for the …


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  1. I think you read into things
    a little to much maybe you need a wife or a girl friend to take some time of your hands I agree the world is messed up and god's coming back soon but some of these videos are hilarious


  3. E-Vans says:

    Stephen Curry must be illuminati too right? This is just stupid

  4. eveyone is Christian, couse wen you fuck up you say im sorry.

  5. yeah, being satanic is inspiring people, try being disaplen in an art. mr EVERITHING is satanic, live in the stone age u cock sucker

  6. so an old ass book that cant be translated got all the answers

  7. eat some shrooms, and tell me something that actually changed youre life. u fucking square. you never been thru hard times living the gutter life

  8. This video had zero facts! All speculation..

  9. TR33X95 says:

    I have a question, should Christians Watch movies?

  10. I don't think all sports are controlled by the illuminati. look at Ronaldo from real madrid. he's a amazing guy

  11. He did not rape the girl I'm unsubscribing this is fake

  12. according to you everything is satanic!

  13. Nba rigged playoffs who is fixed to win nba rigged playoffs let the stroyline begin it has began rigged kombat

  14. Kobe Best Basketball player ever thank you kobe! It seems like everybody is ILLUMINATI fuck the gay ass ILLUMINATI im tired of seeing vids of people saying everybody is a ILLUMINATI oh and before i go i gues u think micheal jordan is LLUMINATI and nba is not fake what are talking about

  15. Kevin Suarez says:

    This guy is crazy yo he thinks every little shit is illuminati nigga Kobe is one of the greatest basketball players ever you think he sold he's soul for that ? No he fucking earned it by working on his game day and night like all the other athletes in this world so stop talking shit that you don't no about. Your just a fucking Dumass that thinks you know everything I hate people like you that's why the world is so fucked up these days.

  16. Anthony Lamb says:

    In the pic from his final game, the ref had 13 on his back. Coincidence?…

  17. Joseph Peavy says:

    I have pity on these pore people.

  18. Angel Goad says:

    he wore 33 cause that was his dads number he changed it to 8 cause kareem abdul jabarr wore that number and his number is retired he changed it to 2

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