Minecraft | WORLD WAR 3 TITAN TAKE OVER: Rival Rebels Mod Showcase!


Minecraft has a brand new mod showcase from the Professor Pikalus himself! This Minecraft mod is the Rival Rebels Mod! The Rival Rebels mod adds in …


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  1. Well that was a tad bit excessively destructive! :D

  2. hi i have seen your video sens the begining

  3. Jinny song says:

    weapon of pew pews and boom booms!

  4. at 2:47 the zombies will just float out under water remember silly pikalus

  5. what cabnet or funniture mod is in atlantis

  6. Colin Jones says:

    Gundam or Armored Core

  7. Mewblue says:

    This will lag my computer so much if I use it but I want to

  8. Dude Awesome says:


  9. Trapper X101 says:

    Do the ICBM mod but you would have to change it so it could be fired in water but still it would be AWESOME

  10. Trapper X101 says:

    You are In big trouble because of that wall exploding aren't you

  11. Bruh ur in creative!

  12. Gabby Besabe says:

    prof. pikalus cody broke your runway

  13. Casey McCoy says:

    cody brok your runway

  14. Mighty C says:

    21st comment

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