Nephilim: TRUE STORY of Satan, Fallen Angels, Giants, Aliens, Hybrids, Elongated Skulls & Nephilim


Nephilim: Origin of Genetic Evil, the Nephilim. NEPHILIM (FULL) DOCUMENTARY …


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  1. Jennie Walsh says:

    Really a super video!

  2. Jennie Walsh says:

    Angels don't have wings. They have rays of light radiating from them sometimes that might appear to be wings. It could be that because they can move around freely & not affected by gravity, that people have assumed that Angels have wings like birds.

  3. Doomsday says:

    Nibiru is coming and we are supposedly due for another pole shift. That explains the sudden things that happened, and the displacement of ocean things.

  4. Bob Stutzman says:

    Thank you Trey!!! I will be ordering every video you make to teach my children and grandchildren what they need to know about Jesus, God our Father and the dark forces at work.

  5. Daniel Xxy says:

    You should do a Video about the behemoth and the leviathan. Creatures named in the book oh "Job"

  6. Sandra Watts says:

    Trey, These are the very best videos ive ever seen. i have people stop bye for coffee they take a peek and cant stop watching. come back for coffee the next day so they can watch more. THANK YOU AO MUCH.

  7. Nellie Price says:

    19:20 Now I understand as well,why it is that "aliens" are cloning their species..because they went through the very same thing!22:05 God found that we were becoming too sinful with ages of 700-900 years old and then said that we will become 120 years old…although there are people who became and still are living of 240 years old! 24:18 So Nephilim was ruling Egypt 2000 years ago and that is not such a long time ago when we look at history! Is there not even a fraction of a fraction of any good in these things?In my opinion NO! I enjoyed this video and I NEED to thank you for all these words of wisdom and it was the best teaching I have received yet!!!!!! Love !

  8. Slant Six says:

    The Angels with wings are not Christian or based on the bible accounts, but from Roman mythology.

  9. alex silver says:

    does anyone ever wonder y jews and jewish people always stay in there own communitys like me living in a huge city ive met and been freinds with almost every race,,but never found a friend who was jewish ,,ive met them they worked for me as lwayers ,,but never freinds ,,one of my best freinds who lived in there neighbourhood,,had so many problems with his kid ,,where the boys use to play with eachother ,,and one day the jew kids mom runs outside and says get inside your not aloud to play with him,,i found this very strnge and rude ,,then i researched this and found out that they call us goy,,witch means beast,,there beasts ,,and we are the chosen people ,,,,ive never in my life heard on the news of a jewish kid or anyone being on tv for a crime or domestic assault or anything ,,then i found out about circumsition and why they slice the kneck on the animals they eat,,to drain blood ,,,,its absalutly discussing its sacrifice,,,theres something sinister going on with these people any media or private media ,,,or biography made about these people never gets out and they flip when you try to interview them and try to smash the cameras or ask them questions ,,,,and they always say we are the chosen people ,,,i dont trust them at all,,,,and i warn anyone that researches there religion and asks sensitive questions ,,there full of shit they all own business,s and law firms and live in there mansions in my city only in a certain area ,,and you never here anything about them,,,,there hiding something and if you really find out the reason of circumsition ,,you will puke when you find out the truth behind it ,,its more then just an old stupid ritual ,,the meaning behind it is sinister,,,,

  10. OneofakinD says:


  11. Alright, I have a question about these fallen angels. Does it have anything to do with Saturn and the wheel within the wheel? Or are we talking about wheels on the earth's wheel. Where did these fallen angles come from having children with daughters of men exactly? I have read an extra gene was added into the gene pool.

  12. love the way you think and put things together your videos prove points ive been trying to make for years

  13. J. B. Mac says:

    Only Noah and his wife found favor in the eyes of God and were said to be righteous. The sons were of pure blood but not necessarily righteous. (just saying) And the wives of the sons…… well if God said all is corrupt than I would have to question the the sons and their wives. It is written "As it was in the days of Noah so shall it be at the coming of the Lord. It was explained that the male carries the genetic coding for the continuation of the blood line (ie..Survival of the strongest kind of thing.) Not the female. So the nephilim line would have weakened the blood line. That does not mean that there would not still be genetic markers in the line of the nephilim line. We do know that there were righteous men after the flood So God intervened somewhere along the way. The rebirth of the nephilim via D.N.A.? Food for thought.

  14. Jlc 02 says:

    I think Nephillim are real today but they just evolved and now they look like humans??

  15. jok325635 says:

    terry is a saint

  16. stokusmaxius says:

    Sons of God maybe Seth's bloodline. My two reasoning. 1. Israel wasn't a nation yet. 2. In Heaven, there is no need for the reproductive system (or sex) So as when satan and his demons were kicked out of heaven why would they need the reproductive system or have sex? Only God creates. Adam and Eve were the blue print and the mold was broken. satan can't create like God does,  After the flood I can't explain where the Giants came from. Maybe one of the consequences of Adam's sin; a genetic mutation of some sort? not sure but what I do know and what really matters is Jesus is God's son, he died for my sins and I believe that

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