NEW ARRIVALS: TILT 120mm Forks, Raw Sentry Bars + More


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17 Responses

  1. Broc Phipps says:

    when your bars and tomahawk forks are coming tomorrow and you learned they are tommy approved ?

  2. deffs wanna get some stuff from you soon #supportoutset
    love the videos?

  3. Max Evanson says:

    Lol I thought the new outset stickers were costers for drinks.

  4. tryna cop a new fork 🙂

  5. Jay Burns says:

    lol the Guinness sticks say 2016

  6. Upload more on the tomdad channel please

  7. pear612 says:

    dang u got me on the purp scoot piece from two years ago

  8. Monty Jensen says:

    wait TDAD are you saying nimbus fit radix wheels now, that's so spooky?!

  9. Wait wait wait fits 35mm wide??? 30 mil wife is the biggest. Are there like spacers that come with it

  10. Fuzzeh_ says:

    100% ordering those bars oh lordy lord ?

  11. Would like tilt nimbus forks if they werent so fkn expensive!

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