NEW WORLD ORDER 2016 – The Elites NWO Agenda is Nearly Complete



NEW Earth Purchase 2016 – The Elites NWO Agenda is Practically Total

Writing for the Atlantic Council, a outstanding believe tank centered in Washington DC, Harlan K. Ullman warns that an “remarkable crisis” is essential to maintain the “new globe buy,” which is below risk of becoming derailed by non-condition actors like Edward Snowden. freemason

The Atlantic Council is considered to be a remarkably influential corporation with shut ties to main plan makers across the globe. It really is headed up by Gen. Brent Scowcroft, previous United States National Protection Advisor below U.S. Presidents Gerald Ford and George H. W. Bush. Snowcroft has also advised President Barack Obama.

Harlan K. Ullman was the principal author of the “shock and awe” doctrine and is now Chairman of the Killowen Group which advises govt leaders. a single globe faith mark of the beast

In an post entitled War on Terror Is not the Only Threat, Ullman asserts that, “tectonic improvements are reshaping the global geostrategic process,” arguing that it is really not military superpowers like China but “non-condition actors” like Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning and anonymous hackers who pose the most important risk to the “365 12 months-old Westphalian process” mainly because they are encouraging persons to become self-empowered, eviscerating condition regulate.

“Really couple of have taken notice and less have acted on this realization,” notes Ullman, lamenting that “information revolution and instantaneous world-wide communications” are thwarting the “new globe buy” declared by U.S. President George H.W. Bush additional than two many years in the past. reality world-wide forex reset

“With no an remarkable crisis, minimal is very likely to be completed to reverse or limit the hurt imposed by unsuccessful or failing governance,” writes Ullman, implying that only another 9/eleven-style cataclysm will allow the condition to re-assert its dominance whilst “made up of, lowering and removing the potential risks posed by newly empowered non-condition actors.”

Ullman concludes that the elimination of non-condition actors and empowered persons “need to be completed” in buy to maintain the new globe buy. A summary of their content indicates that the Atlantic Council’s definition of a “new globe buy” is a world-wide technocracy operate by a fusion of huge govt and huge small business below which individuality is replaced by transhumanist singularity. nwo “new globe buy” illuminati u.s. “united states” united states america 2014 elite agenda “we the individuals” constitution “finish instances” liberty flexibility usd dollar finance jobs employment protest riots news media peace anger “wake up” police “police officer” force forces “u.s. military” mafia video games “war video games” video clip “uncooked footage” fear risk military obamacare “health and fitness insurance policies” homeless govt “built in united states” gold silver “gold bullion” marketplaces “huge brother” cctv surveillance “gold trading” bitcoin “take bitcoin” ability “agenda nwo” fema camp haarp alaska riot police cops black ops collapse of america protesters tear gasoline military industrial advanced gun get doorway to doorway gun regulate piers morgan bogus flag attack college student riot jail police condition united states obamacare elite nwo agenda censorship ndaa federal reserve 1st modification assault rifle police brutality college riots bilderberg 2014 clinton bush sheeple max keiser alex jones infowars gerald celente trends in the news violence evil starbucks 666 satanic farrakhan lindsey williams

Ullman’s rhetoric sounds somewhat comparable to that espoused by Trilateral Commission co-founder and regular Bilderberg attendee Zbigniew Brzezinski, who in 2010 instructed a Council on International Relations assembly that a “world-wide political awakening,” in combination with infighting among the elite, was threatening to derail the shift toward a a single globe govt.

Vice President Joe Biden threw caution to the wind Friday as he shockingly declared, “The affirmative activity we have now is to truly make a new globe buy,” introducing yet another admission to an presently prolonged record of documented globalist bragging of programs for a centralized, a single-globe world-wide govt.

The establishment media aids by concurrently denying the existence of a so-named “new globe buy,” flagging any point out of the idea a “conspiracy theory,” correctly demonizing and suppressing all opposition.

Plenty of individuals will loathe the new globe buy and will die protesting versus it.” – H.G. Wells, The New Earth Purchase , 1939.

Alex Jones’ newest film Endgame is an exploration into the dim historical past of the world-wide elite and an expose of their now general public aspiration to observe a plan of dehumanization in buy to secure a brutal monopoly about the planet’s upcoming. fort hood shooting devil illuminati symbolism jay z usd solution culture cranium and bones

Beneath Eugenics, You are a ‘Human Resource’ Slave to the New Earth Purchase


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  1. dnsmithnc says:

    The naive and self absorbed philosophy of the young dominates our culture. This is absolutely the truth. It is the Natural consequence of rapid transportation which encouraged the death of families and communities. Soon after there was the development of mass media which seized the training and indoctrination of the young once done by families and communities with their traditional values.

    The media is controlled by corporations who want to sell their product or service and realize that the naive and easily brainwashed young are the easiest market for non-essential items. The corporation's responsibility is to their stockholders, not the health and well being of this country. This is the natural progression to the collapse of a society. The only hope is, that those with the experience and IQ to be adults take back control.

    Now, many of us believe that there is an elite group with an agenda of globalism and so forth. But, I wonder if what has happened is just not a natural consequence of the deficiencies in our nature. In reality, I hope it is the former. In the latter case, our downfall is inevitable.

  2. For gods sake, vote Trump.

  3. Adam Crowell says:

    The elites demand power,tis their only crime you shit heads. Ooooohhhhhhh so horrible the elites are stopping man from fishing in the ocean. Forcing us to take vaccines and genetically engineering animals that we have to eat… They must be stopped (Sarcasm)! Man kind is fishing the oceans clean vaccines prevent the spread of disease and a genetically engineered animal is not a sin against God. Raping the world clean of all life for food is. A genetically engineered animal is still a lagitimate life form, can be eaten and is no different than eating something like a scorpion or squid. If you cook it right it will not hurt you and you can eat it. It's either swallow your pride and eat this alternative food or watch all life you love so much go extinct and starve. GE animals are capable of all your nutrient needs and can mass multiply fast enough to feed everyone. Don't like it? Too bad it's our only option at this point other than a global culling. You shit heads don't see that to save this planet from man kind over populated ways cirtain things must be done and all you can do is blame the elites for their every action no matter what it is. E.g. Hurricane Katrina obliterated New Orleans. What did the public do? They blamed Obama for not being prepared for the disaster. So Obama changed the odd thing so he had the power to mass exercise a worst case scinaro. Now what does the nut bag public do? Acuses Obama of preparing for mass war. Insists he knows of an upcoming mass disaster and the whole public rebels against the government for not telling them what it is. (Which it is literally u known but the government will not get blindsided by another Katrina you parinoid nut bags.

  4. AJaXX JaM says:

    Reversed engineered UFOs, operated by the elite, would be an effective tool in the New World Order.

  5. Chris Beaton says:

    From my point of view this channel just steals everyone else's work almost worse than Rudy "the Recycler " Guliani selling crime scene evidence to China, Wake Up this guy doesn't deserve the views. I just got on to make the obvious conclusion, and comment he's a shill . I've viewed work like this before he's leading the flock astray!

  6. This reminds me of the newest 007 movie "Spectre", where it is revealed that a secret organization stood behind everything that Bond has been confronted with, much like how these "elites" control the masses. This is, after all, a corrupt and deceitful oligarchy!

  7. T Akbar says:

    Seek the truth go with the truth
    they have almost set the platform for their master's arrival(The deveil/The AntiMessiah)
    as per all the prophcies of the Holly Bibble
    they have made the world sick and are going to make it more

  8. Paul Noyb says:

    Why are Romney, Ryan, Bush, Clinton, and Obama all joining forces to attack Trump? It seems odd when you think about it, but the truth has been in front of us the whole time:   omg “They will kill him before they let him be president. It could be a Republican or a Democrat that instigates the shutting up of Trump.Don’t be surprised if Trump has an accident. Some people are getting very nervous: Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett, Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton and Jon Corzine, to name just a few.    It’s about the unholy dynamics between big government, big business, and big media. They all benefit by the billions of dollars from this partnership, and it’s in all of their interests to protect one another. It’s one for all and all for one. It’s a heck of a filthy relationship that makes everyone filthy rich, everyone except the American people ! The Globalist Party controling everything .  The over-the-top reaction to Trump by politicians of both parties, the media, and the biggest corporations of America has been so swift and insanely angry that it suggests they are all threatened and frightened. Association to fund his campaign Billionaire tycoon and maverick Donald Trump doesn’t need anyone’s help. That means he doesn’t care what the media says. He doesn’t care what the corporate elites think. That makes him very dangerous to the entrenched interests. That makes Trump a huge threat to those people. Trump can ruin everything for the bribed politicians and their spoiled slave masters.

  9. DAPTXDC4869 says:

    The skies over my neighborhood are crisscrossed with chemtrails right now. I've been sick for over 2 days now. Monsanto deserves to be nuked.

  10. I'm all for conspiracies (at least those that make sense), though most of these videos on Youtube come off as those religious scare tactics or pastors claiming insert year the rapture, antichrist, return of Christ is coming, but never happens.

  11. It's ok when they dispatch children to bomb and kill innocent civilians abroad.
    It's ok when they giving them War-VDO games to play and then dispatching them in to war-zones to loot oil and gas. But, you can't pretend or point with your pen as it may turn in to a 357 revolver. US is totally highjacked and civil burst is imminent!

  12. Frankfurt School in full effect: recipe for destroying the goyim. What Humanity needs is more people like Christopher Bollyn, Ken O'Keefe, Dr. E Michael Jones, Mark Passio, Minister Farrakhan, Snordster, Eustace Mullins,  Terrence McKenna, Cynthia McKinney, Dr. Nancy Banks, Henrik Palmgren, and you.

  13. Master_YT says:

    You Know If This Is True, Its Gonna Happen To Everybody On Earth, Even You

  14. Matthew 2811 says:

    My mind and body is barrier from this shit happening in England.

  15. Q says:

    First of all NWO doesn't want to destroy anything and as you can see the American values are tested by the older power who wants to enslave us all. Not my words, Obamas. Turn you brains on and see the truth who your enemy really is. New World Order wants to make a world a better place to live where democracy and freedom is available to all people and not only Americans. Whats happening here as I see is not a work of New World Order.

  16. Joe Citizen says:

    when you really wake up … you will see that it is not a NWO … but a proven JWO … stop being politically correct.

  17. Roy Blowers says:

    Oh look nothing happened… Not surprised

  18. it's funny how all these actor – musicians die. but none of this elite people do. they grow old and gray… smfh

  19. NWO will be defeated….. Victory for the LIGHT !!!

  20. Mickey Anon says:

    Hahaha lol they are to late

  21. Calin Dragos says:

    what the fuck a simple superstition y pee on this video

  22. the pencil thing, the one guy standing in shorts knocked out by like 15 police guys… this is just making me laugh

  23. the progressives are either ignorant of reality, or, cognizant of reality and telling a HUGE lie…it's not one or the other- it's a mixture of the two…btw, please, share my writing- something that combats progressivism, communism, and Islamic theocracy: Research history, and see that western and eastern civilizations are both based upon, and, extensions of two totally different foundations. The west, Egyptian, Israelite, Persian, Greek, Roman, and Catholic, up to the UK and USA. Eastern civilization, is based up mongolics ind Islamics that have overrun any bhuddist influence…Geopolitics is getting scarier and scarier every year, especially in the last 6 years- Obama was quoted as saying that he was against the west and colonialism and for communism- he ADMIRES Islam, also…another dangerous dynamic in our country is the prevalence of the "illuminati conspiracy theories…" they all differ in ways, using ficticious revisionist history to tell multiple stories about how the catholic church, the jews, USA, the UK, and, western civilization are the cause of all wars since 600 AD- they fail to mention the on-going invasions, and, genocide and slavery perpetrated by the mongolic tribes and Islamic tribes- the mongolic tribes actually conquered, assimiliated, and united with each other to form the people in the stan countries, russia, China, Pak, Afg, Iran, Muslim India…the Muslims took all of spain twice, and controlled the med. sea for hundreds of years at a time, starving, enslaving, raping, and, killing europeans- Hitler, Stalin, and, Mao, shared the same bloodlines, and, ideologies, of the mongolics and Islamics- Iran is not "aryan(indo-european) or Persian anymore- they were MONGOLIZED!!! In the vast majorities of wars since 600AD, the very worst wars, were because of invasions of the Islamists and mongolics- the west and the Catholic church's armies acted in self-defense, sometimes pre-emptively, but, sometimes it was almost too late- the mongolics and Islamists have been assimilated into each other, AND, they all share the same common ideology and goals- the destruction of western civlization and judeo-christianity. Please, talk about the fallacies of the Communist and Islamic-generated propaganda of the "illuminati conspircay theories," and, please, tell your followers to research "Islamic Invasions" and "MOngolic invasions." It is occurring up until this day, and, we now have a progressive party that is trying to make us weaker…for what purpose? The cold war never ended- Reagan just made us stronger than Russia and China put together- Obama and The Clintons have tried to reverse this…but, for what purpose?

  24. humans are odd. they think order and chaos are somehow oppesittes and try to control what wont. but there is grace in there failings

  25. emperorkull says:

    and the sad thing is you dont realise you out number them 100 fold but you let them do this to you i really do see stupid people

  26. emperorkull says:

    well you all deserve it this is what you get when you let shit run your country you will waller in it enjoy or stand your choice

  27. You can lie and brainwash the MASS.. But you can lie and deceive god.. God made it happen like this.. Its destiny.. The elite are rich in this world but the next is god's world.. And soon the whole world will fall..

  28. nate weems says:

    as they dig there holes to hide in, we just need to fill them up. WITH THEM IN IT. like the movie the time machine, the morlocks feed on the eloie. NOT IN THIS VERSION. like a gopher, when it sticks up its head, we just blow it off. when they run to china and are waiting for us to fail, we must NOT. The rest of the world would be died if not for the crazy gun loving fight at the drop of a dime AMERICANS. When this all goes down we CAN NOT fight each other thats why there taking food water and other items to cause us to kill each other for a roll of butt wipe. REALLY. Dont forget THERE IS FOOD IN THOSE HOLES. LOTS OF IT. Lets not kill each other, kill those that should died. WITH EXTREME PRIGIDICE. THOSE THAT WILL LEAVE THE COUNTRY, will return thinking we are to few to fight. And they will be right if we cant stand as a country, as AMERICANS in the UNITED. read this UNITED STATES of AMERICA. AMEN

  29. PEOPLE D O N O T LISTEN!! You have to FORCE THEM TO LISTEN. Since people STILL do not listen ~then you MUST CONTROL them! Because they CANNOT control themselves PERIOD! Then since people are so easily fooled..ya gotta control them THAT way. People in numbers can and will act like ANIMALS~seriously WORSE than animals. So I am certainly on the side of FORCE when it comes to controlling the masses. You have no choice anyway.

  30. Julio T. says:

    the fact that the police is so militarized only proves to show that our society is complying with the powers that be- now in any case whoever that may be, its taking the power we as a humanity have to say no to a situation like this, and theyre basically demonstrating that they increasingly can get away with what they are doing. and with excercising draconian measures for the littlest things like the pencil gun story, they are promoting obedient behaviour…. but I feel the times really will come when people are syanding up for their right, and not only their right but the peoples right to stand up and fight.

  31. Mr. Smith says:

    nwo is going to complete its plan you see the meeting at the beginning

  32. our society is so fucked : (

  33. WE are the problem. We are allowing these twats to do this to us.

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