Nicki Minaj – Only (Lyric) ft. Drake, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown


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  1. John Adams says:

    These girls are my sons! They are fucking men

  2. Ann.e_Bray says:

    this reminds me of like the nazi

  3. zdanivsky says:

    Save us comrade Stalin.

  4. Connor Clark says:


  5. Taylan Kaya says:

    kerim candan gelenler olayyyy :)))

  6. same nicki minaj is also my fav female rapper??

  7. CrazyGal19 says:

    they just said fuck 19 times…

  8. There are certain lyrics in this song no dude should ever sing

  9. DrStupid says:

    Am i only one who is singing Ryan's rap cuz i cant sing this….

  10. This song is so relatable. I had this boyfriend named Drake but I was also seeing someone named Wayne. He was like my side bitch. So anyways… My Mom was like "Why are you being a cheating slut???? If you get pregnant how are you supposed to know who's baby it is?" then I was like "I never fucked Wayne, I never fucked Drake, all my life man, FUCK SAKE". I think this is too coincidental. Nicki Minaj is clearly making songs out of my life experiences.

  11. xAndreaX says:

    aint gonna lie Wayne's part was fire?

  12. mah jammmmmm xD

  13. Liz Soto says:


  14. Drake was tryna fuck so bad

  15. Nicki: I never fucked Wayne, I never fucked Drake.

    Spongebob: This is a load of barnacles…

  16. jared wood says:

    Hunt the Dinosaur did it better

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