[Nuclear] – NUCLEAR WORLD WAR 3 – National Geographic Documentary


[Nuclear] – NUCLEAR WORLD WAR 3 – National Geographic Documentary You can see more Nuclear at here: …


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  1. MannyFresh says:

    That fool is Obama!

  2. fear mongering bullshit

  3. So Lyndon Larouche is quoted as some sort of expert, or authority on this subject? Larouche is an absolute crackpot nutcase who used to perennially run for president for the Nutcase Party (actually I don't remember any of the "parties" he used to run under, but I think he used to garner about 3 or 4 votes every year.) The fact that he's quoted in this "documentary" or whatever it is–and I don't believe an outfit like the Geographic would put out any claptrap quoting Larouche–completely destroys any respectablity or credibility of the ones behind it and I will shut it off now, less than halfway through. Move along, folks. Nothing to see here. Unless you're an aluminum-hat moonbat fool, in which case I encourage you to watch and absorb. Me, I'm with the rational folks and am done with this dumb bullshit. B'bye!

  4. PS I hope that the Geographic assrapes you in court for the misappropiation and misuse of their trademark logo. You bring undeserved ridicule upon the Geographic, which in no way actually created or otherwise backed this piece of lunatic asshat propoganda. PS#2 Reported to YouTube for violation of their rules. PS#3 LYNDON LAROUCHE IS STILL A FUCKING LUNATIC JUST LIKE WHEN HE USED TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT EVERY SINGLE ELECTION REPRESENTING THE ASSHAT PARTY.

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