Obama Sends Special Forces To Russia’s Border – World War 3 In The Making


Josh Sigurdson breaks down the recent news that President Obama has sent special forces to Russia’s border in an act of aggression and retaliation for Russia …


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  3. l harrison says:

    An out going president shouldn't be sending troops anywhere,Obama is out of his mind.I think Obama is hoping Russia will do something so there would be a war that Trump would have to deal with,but Russia is to smart for that.

  4. Gibs 78 says:

    There is a communist globalist lucifarian agenda at work here. most "first world" countries have already sold their souls to the devil and his "new world order". At best, one can hope for a delay to the madness, but it is inevitable at some point…because our current way of life i.e. being wasteful, etc. is unsustainable. Moral decay is severe…only adding and compounding real issues! In a sense a smiting or "cleansisng" is necessary. Unfortunately it would appear that the "cleansing" will start with those who war/fight against the atrocities of humanity! We are entrenched in systems of evil and corruption, and most of the forces behind it is unseen and spiritual in nature. "Pacifism" is a form of controlling the masses, disarming the public and ensuring they have very little chance or opportunity to resist or revolt or protect is only part of their "agenda". And resistance or aggression to their system is "terrorism". They already have millions "willing" to die for their cause! And their are too many entrapped and enslaved! Keep fighting the good fight! As long as every move you make and every word you say is being "monitored" and or cencored…you are a slave waiting to be placed in chains. And any dirty dog will be used, hired, or manipulated to do the dirty work that removes more of your social and individual rights and liberties daily! Submitting to the "electronic age" further erodes your liberties as you consent and enter into contracts which you don't read, or understand when you do read! We should all be wearing hijab with only eyes visible while in public as protest to being filmed everywhere one goes…but unfortunately that would only speed up the mandatory RFID implant agenda! Until then, cameras everywhere, your cell phone, bank cards, GPS devices, etc. will suffice! Keep fighting the good fight!

  5. Vader Vaders says:

    A Canadian , A Russian and an American sit down to Tea and Vodka while waiting out the POS in the Whitehouse. It's already a joke.

  6. Doug Walters says:

    Where do you get this information???

  7. 8wayspeed says:

    I think Soros with Obuma will stop at nothin to keep Trump out of the white house in case the swamp gets drained and more wikileaks martial law distraction? Bad weekend ahead????

  8. Fuck Off Obama from Poland border It is your any way the end finished You pedophile puppet government soon . I will be so happy .
    Obama spieprzaj z Poloni i to zaraz wkrotce bedzie over twojego wplywu na nasz kraj . Trump jest Ok i zaltwi sprawe . Dlatego sie tak spieszysz i oskarzasz z wielebnie sukowata kukla Clintonowa sprawe hakowania Rosji na waszych wyborach w USA . Czy myslisz , ze ludzie sa tak durni na swiecie i uwierza w te brednie .

  9. Yes this is truth Obama -pig send over American troops to Poland . But Ha ha ha . IT will be soon over for him . Polish people know what is going on I hope . I am in Poland but I can see how many people are so dump as well most of them don,t know anything But media fucked stupid in Poland like always never say how things going on in proper manner .Oh I can,t believe i am living in blood stupid world

  10. Obama terrorista!

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