People Of Earth: Prepare For Global Economic Disaster


Economic Collapse

It is not just the United States that is headed for an economic collapse.  The truth is that the entire world is heading for a massive economic meltdown and the people of earth need to be warned about the coming economic disaster that is going to sweep the globe.  The current world financial system is based on debt, and there are alarming signs that the gigantic global debt bubble is getting ready to burst.  In addition, global prices for the key resources that the major economies of the planet depend on are rising very rapidly.  Despite all of our advanced technology, the truth is that human civilization simply cannot function without oil and food.  But now the price of oil and the price of food are both increasing dramatically.  So how is the current global economy supposed to keep functioning properly if it soon costs much more to ship products between continents?  How are the billions of people that are just barely surviving today supposed to feed themselves if the price of food goes up another 30 or 40 percent?  For decades, most of the major economies around the globe have been able to take for granted that massive amounts of cheap oil and massive amounts of cheap food will always be there.  So what happens when that paradigm changes?

At last check, the price of U.S. crude was over 104 dollars a barrel and the price of Brent crude was over 115 dollars a barrel.  Many analysts fear that if the crisis in Libya escalates or if the chaos in the Middle East spreads that we could see the all-time record of 147 dollars a barrel broken by the end of the year.  That would be absolutely disastrous for the global economy.

But it isn’t just the chaos in the Middle East that is driving oil prices.  The truth is that oil prices have been moving upwards for months.  The recent revolutions in the Middle East have only accelerated the trend.

Let’s just hope that the “day of rage” being called for in Saudi Arabia later this month does not turn into a full-blown revolution like we have seen in other Middle Eastern countries.  The Saudis keep a pretty tight grip on their people, but at this point anything is possible.  A true revolution in Saudi Arabia would send oil prices into unprecedented territory very quickly.

But even without all of the trouble in the Middle East the world was already heading for an oil crunch.  The global demand for oil is rising at a very vigorous pace.  For example, last year Chinese demand for oil increased by almost 1 million barrels per day.  That is absolutely staggering.  The Chinese are now buying more new cars every year than Americans are, and so Chinese demand for oil is only going to continue to increase.

Much could be done to increase the global supply of oil, but so far our politicians and the major oil company executives are sitting on their hands.  They seem to like the increasing oil prices.

So for now it looks like oil prices will continue to rise and this is going to result in much higher prices at the gas pump.

Already, ABC News is reporting that regular unleaded gasoline is going for $5.29 a gallon at one gas station in Orlando, Florida.

The U.S. economy in particular is vulnerable to rising oil prices because our entire economic system is designed around cheap gasoline.  If the price of gas goes up to 5 or 6 dollars a gallon and it stays there it is going to have a catastrophic effect on the U.S. economy.

Just remember what happened back in 2008.  The price of oil hit an all-time high of $147 a barrel and then a few months later the entire financial system had a major meltdown.

Well, as the price of oil rises it is going to create a whole lot of imbalances in the global financial system once again.

This is definitely a situation that we should all be watching.

But it is not just the price of oil that could cause a global economic disaster.

The global price of food could potentially be even more concerning.  As you read this, there are about 3 billion people around the globe that live on the equivalent of 2 dollars a day or less.  Those people cannot afford for food prices to go up much.

But global food prices are rising.  According to the United Nations, the global price of food has risen for 8 consecutive months.  Last month, the global price of food set a brand new all-time record high.  Many are starting to fear that we could actually be in the early stages of a major global food crisis.

The price of just about every major agricultural commodity has been absolutely soaring during the past year….

*The price of corn has doubled over the last six months.

*The price of wheat has more than doubled over the past year.

*The price of soybeans is up about 50% since last June.

*The price of cotton has more than doubled over the past year.

*The commodity price of orange juice has doubled since 2009.

*The price of sugar is the highest it has been in 30 years.

Unfortunately, the production of food in most countries around the world is very highly dependent on oil, so as oil goes up in price this is going to make the food crisis even worse.

Hold on to your hats folks.

Also, as I have written about previously, the world is facing some very serious problems when it comes to water.  Due to the greed of the global elite, there is not nearly enough fresh water to go around.  The following are some very disturbing facts about the global water situation….

*Worldwide demand for fresh water tripled during the last century, and is now doubling every 21 years.

*According to USAID, one-third of all humans will face severe or chronic water shortages by the year 2025.

*Of the 60 million people added to the world’s cities every year, the vast majority of them live in impoverished slums and shanty-towns with no sanitation facilities whatsoever.

*It is estimated that 75 percent of India’s surface water is now contaminated by human and agricultural waste.

*Not only that, but according to a UN study on sanitation, far more people in India have access to a mobile phone than to a toilet.

*In northern China, the water table is dropping one meter per year due to overpumping.

These days, one of the trendy things to do is to call water “the oil of the 21st century”, but unfortunately that is not a completely inaccurate statement.  Fresh, clean water is something that we all need, but right now world supplies are getting tight.

Our politicians and the global elite could be doing something about this if they really wanted to, but right now they seem perfectly fine with what is happening.

On top of everything else, the sovereign debt crisis is worse than it has ever been before.

All of the major global central banks have been feverishly printing money in an attempt to “paper over” this crisis, but it is not going to work.

Most Americans don’t realize it, but right now the continent of Europe is a financial basket case.  Greece and Ireland would have imploded already if they had not been bailed out, and now Portugal is on the verge of collapse.  The interest rate on Portugal’s 10-year notes has now been above 7% for about 3 weeks, and most analysts believe that it is only a matter of time before they are forced to accept a bailout.

Sadly, if the entire global economy experiences a slowdown because of rising oil prices, we could see half a dozen European nations default on their debts if they are not bailed out.

For now the Germans seem fine with bailing out the weak sisters that are all around them, but that isn’t going to last forever.

A day or reckoning is coming for Europe, and when it arrives the reverberations are going to be felt all across the face of the earth.  The euro is on very shaky ground already, and whether or not it can survive the coming crisis is an open question.

Of course there are some very serious concerns about Asia as well.  The national debt of Japan is now well over 200% of GDP and nobody seems to have a solution for their problems.  Up to this point, Japan has been able to borrow massive amounts of money at extremely low interest rates from their own people, but that isn’t going to last forever either.

As I have written about so many times before, the biggest debt problem of all is the United States.  Barack Obama is projecting that the federal budget deficit for this fiscal year will be a new all-time record 1.65 trillion dollars.  It is expected that the total U.S. national debt will surpass the 15 trillion dollar mark by the end of the fiscal year.

Shouldn’t we have some sort of celebration when that happens?

15 trillion dollars is quite an achievement.

Most Americans cannot even conceive of a debt that large.  If the federal government began right at this moment to repay the U.S. national debt at a rate of one dollar per second, it would take over 440,000 years to pay off the national debt.

But the United States is not alone.  The truth is that wherever you look, there is a sea of red ink covering the planet.

The current global financial system is entirely based on debt.  If the total amount of debt does not continually expand, the system will crash.  If somehow a way was found to keep this system going perpetually (which is impossible), the size of global debt would keep on increasing infinitely.

Now the World Economic Forum says that we need to grow the total amount of debt by another 100 trillion dollars over the next ten years to “support” the anticipated amount of “economic growth” around the world that they expect to see.

The entire global financial system is a gigantic Ponzi scheme.  It is designed to keep everyone enslaved to perpetual debt.  If at some point the debt spiral gets interrupted in some significant way, we are going to witness an economic disaster that is going to make what happened in 2008 look like a Sunday picnic.

The more research that one does on the current global economic situation, the more clear it becomes that we are absolutely doomed.

So people of earth you had better get ready.

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  1. karen says:

    Massive earthquakes this month of March, a supermoon will be on the 19th of this month. Beware and prepare Japan just got hit again with another earthquake.

  2. Maccy says:

    I agree on the face of it it would appear indeed that when god acts violence follows, and true there was often violent wars and conflicts in the bible records, and true as when the earth had become filled “only with violence” as in noah”s day, at the “hands of mankind”,

    I would agree also that many “misrepresent scripture” and mainly because they neglect to “examine the issues surrounding context”, as to the creators use of violence, this is an important point, as on the surface of it, im certain “most” will agree that when they think of god acting it is only when violence is used,. If though a person for what ever reason does not see scripture as accurately representing a truthful record anyway, then it is difficult to use reasoning on the creator “acting with force”..

    However in fairness as scripture is being referred to, “surrounding issues” of any of god”s interventions “also should be investigated” as this has all the explanation of the events that neccesitated a given act of intervention, few of these occasions are “without” explanation, It takes a fair amount of research but I know no other way if you wish to prove or disprove a theoretical summarising as to gods unjust use of violence. It would bear out in history that man has used violence throughout and usually for gain, little has changed, that I see.. If man wishes to rule himself he should make a better job of it, or perhaps mankind should be let go on until the “whole earth is ruined”, or until we all die…of course people could simply choose to live in peace “before they” wreck the whole planet could”nt they… seems to me talking peace is not too popular, unfortunately it appears its man that prefers the language of violence, and wont have it any other way, im not sure just giving the world a good talking too would work, but honestly, that would be great if that did it…I would be all for it.

    Blaming god because of our choices, does not erase mans part in wrongdoing, there are consequences for all actions.. we were given freewill and given opportunities to excercise it “you would find upon examination that man was always given ample warnings for unacceptable behaviour”, I myself doubt mankind”s working it out themselves, it isnt working out too well. If I left my house to tenants “rent free” and they “persistently trashed it” I think anyone would reach the stage where enough is enough, because it seems obvious man will have it just go on until this planet is no good to anyone….I agree violence is not desirable, im not convinced the powers that be will give up their goals peaceably, they never have, they never do. We are the created not the creator,. Whether we all believe it, all agree or not, according to scripture, it will be his decision how it plays out. Scripture is of course open ended and as world events unfold exact future significance becomes clearer …as is the event for world economic disaster…

  3. refuse2lose says:

    Funny thing about our oil prices sky-rocketing,which in turn drives up almost everything else…. there is no shortage in oil….. this is all about, as Clinton and Rahm Emanuel both said…. “using this crisis to do some things that we might not be able to do otherwise”.

  4. dont get apocalyptic nobody! the screw of endebness will go on and on, its not even the interest payment what attracts the money emission mafia but the world expansion and globalization and only thereafter they will show face as the owner of the world and all humans. This got nothing to do with the ridiculess children of philosophy which are known as politics and religions but with the sick, speculative and power loving desease of humanity.

  5. JRobinson says:

    God is a God of Love. We must remember man has a free will to do evil. Evil thoughts originates from Satan, but God has given man the free will to act upon Satan’s evil deeds or reject them. God could have created everyone as robots with no free will, but is that a true expression of love. Life is about choices. Some choose good, some evil. Unfortunately when someone choose the evil thoughts of Satan, mankind suffers the consequences. Thus the actions of Adam in the Garden of Eden brought forth the suffering of mankind. But, God through his Son Jesus has destroyed the works of Satan. This is the Love of God. (John 3:16 – For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life). A choice God has given his free will creation. A choice of eternal life with God, or eternal damnation with Satan and his angels. God will return one day to destroy all the evil works of Satan. Until that time, mankind must remember that evil and suffering originates from Satan and not from God.

  6. Abaddon says:

    There seems to be some interesting religious comments here, indicating that God will intervene in human affairs and remedy mans problems. According to “scripture” every time God intervenes their is ALWAYS massive loss of life, the flood of Noah’s day only EIGHT survived out of a WHOLE world, only THREE survived God’s rage when he destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. The road to life is NARROW, and CRAMPED, and only a FEW will find it. Many are called only FEW are chosen. Get the picture. The only way God has ALWAYS resolved his dilemmas are through violence, he is very good at killing the many, but not very good at saving the many. “God is love” interestingly an angram of that is a “God so evil.” NOBODY has killed more of the human family than God, he has plagued us, starved us, cursed us, terrorised us, he has sent HIS four horsemen of the apocalypse to bring even MORE hunger, disease, war and death. Those of a religious persuasion still continue to propagate this killing machine as some “loving” entity, and they fit in well with the God they worship, as religion well reflects its bloodthirsty Dieties. This is a God who has rebellion throughout his domain, a God who has not only thought in his soul of his evil intent toward us but has spoken it, (out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks) and had it recorded in scripture, and has carried it out repeatedly over thousands of years on the whole of mankind. He comes with a front of “holiness” but his actions completely expose him for the heavenly monster that he is. Who could trust such a duplicitious being? It is unforgivable.
    To watch children die by the tens of millions from hunger, disease, and war, left on their own, whimpering until they can utter no more sound as they fall into death, some torn asunder by wild beasts, that is the REALITY of God. Countless millions over the centuries taking their own lives out of grief, mental anguish, hopelessness and fear. To take the most precious thing we have, our life, in such great numbers is an indictment itself against he who is the creator of it.
    A God who kills his own children has failed, a God who gets his children to kill each other compounds that failure.
    God’s conduct and attrition against his own creation is the single most greatest crime in time and space, and stands for eternity to his shame.
    Religion like its God is guilty of great crimes, they who come preaching for the saving of soul and spirit have been the greatest incarcerators of them. These are not men searching for truth, but men searching for an afterlife at the expense of truth. Like the God’s they worship they are full of extremes, pious villains, murder fills their hearts, at the quote of a scripture they will kill all before them. Those who have come with the greatest of good have proven to be guilty of committing the greatest evils.
    God is the villain for filling people’s hearts with such extremes.

    The truth the WHOLE truth and nothing but the truth.

  7. Maccy says:

    Interesting how our world powered by money is unfolding. Reminds me of how past wars were played out by those that funded them, yes those evil gentlemen with the most wonderful manners and grace, whilst in public view, “on show”..

    The strategic figurines are being tipped over ever more rapidly by those futuristic planners that despised us all for so long, stimulating confusion and panic, step by step, preemptively striking at the heart and will of humankind, with “fear”…though the scripture “men will fall faint out of fear” is not for all yet realized….

    The crazed warhorses in the “back rooms” are by and large achieving this momentum successfully, because as material survival instinct kicks in, out of necessity, so then too, “three-dimensional spiritual analysis” tends to succumb to “two-dimensional personal threat” and anxious concerns, and may lead to “overly planning for physical needs” …We all desire to live i agree, very much so,

    “it is however most important to work out why they wish our thoughts to be so very restricted to earthly material matters only”

    So many will never even begin to work out the true machinations behind world events, to be fair many never did… indeed even many of authority in this system, have little to offer in terms of a considered opinion, time with which to think with, is being scattered by …”busy diversions increasing worldwide”… remember the scripture that urges “to buy out the opportune time” interesting phrase, is it not,. There is indeed method in this “planned madness”

    Their feverish corruptions can no longer cover their leprosy, and the whole world sees it all, clearly, still, “without any due regret or shame” they show no place, or mercy for any that will not make themselves subject to their power,.

    Many may wish to comfort themselves with the term used so much these days as on Sky News caption “hard times” Id say its more reminiscent of “critical times hard to deal with”

    Unfortunately for them Heaven has always kept a keen eye on those still interested in knowing whether truth exists at all, especially those that will implement such truths in their own lives and peaceably expose wrongdoing, and that day is coming because many are waking up to this being “the Creators day of fire” all thoughts will be exposed, in fact it is beginning, …and to their shame… he will implement a peaceful solution… to their rage…It will come “ONLY” from God

  8. The central banks and the military keep the governments in power. He that owns the gold makes the rules. He that has the biggest stick makes the rules. When a superior military power overthrows the government, than the rules of the game are changed. Nothing is going to happen until the guns come out. When hyper-inflation destroys the National Currency, they will be rioting in the streets. What good does it do if bablers have the right to bable? It becomes a contest of orators. Only force conquers in political affairs, not accademic discusions. In the begginings of the structure of society they were subjected by frutal and blind force, afterwards to law which the same force only diguised. Right is might. The word right is an abstract thought and thereby proved by nothing. The word means no more than give me what I want in order that I thereby may have proof I am stronger than you. A new right emerges, that of the strong. The only solution is to abolish the Central Banks by Nationalizing them and restoring monetary authority to the National Treasuries to create and extinguish honest debt free money based on Labor Treasury certificates for work performed, services rendered and good produced. International Trade and Balance of Payments can be conducted in Barter Exchange Contracts, thus no debt, no trade deficit. The currencies must be backed up with real assets. Excess parasitic profits that are earned without work or effort and usury interest rates must be erradicated from the face of the earth.

  9. • Argomento da sgomento, scomodo, spiacevole, infelice ma rivelatore e liberatorio, il dragone ossia satana, viene dallo sprofondo degli abissi del mare dei cieli esso va inquadrato nel pianeta X, marduk, nibiru e nello spirito degli annunaki o anunnaki che dir si voglia, nonché, negli inferi del pianeta Terra al centro stesso della Terra dove sono condannati e relegati ” gli spiriti dell’inferno “, tornino nello sprofondo degli abissi del mare dei cieli.

    Pare, come se bruciasse la terra sotto i piedi, dentro la terra e sopra la nostra testa…
    • ( oltre tutto, pare che la Terra stessa si stia in più parti letteralmente spaccando anche visivamente a cominciare dal suo esterno. )

    • Alcune verità fino a ieri ci sono state poste per necessità temporali di difficoltà di comprensione solo in simboli e parabole e che solo da adesso, ci sarà dato, tolto il velo dei Tempi e del Tempo conoscere e comprendere ogni cosa APERTAMENTE.

    • Non abbiate paura, con la Santissima Vergine Maria Madre di DIO e Gesù Cristo nostro Signore, noi siamo posti a loro cura e protezione dal male, noi Figli di DIO, non abbiamo motivo di avere paura.

    • Intuizione o altro, si vedrà…

    • Per me, la vedo come deduzione.
    • Lo voglia il Signore.

    Non abbiate paura usciamo dai demiurghi e dagli dei, essi sono i demoni delle realtà virtuali dei sistemi schiavitù cucitici addosso, scrolliamoci dai loro avvinghianti e schiavizzanti sistemi, Figli di DIO, veniamo allo scoperto.
    Noi Figli di DIO, si faccia Ritorno al nostro Unico Vero Creatore L’IDDIOUNO, dove il collegamento diretto con il nostro Vero Creatore non ci abbandonerà mai e ci colmerà di Felicità di Amore e ci avrà a sua cura e Protezione.
    Dopo essere ri-approdati alla Sorgente, alla casa del vero ed Unico Padre Nostro, prendiamo conoscenza di esserci liberati dalle paure che ci erano state indotte dagli schiavizzanti oppressori, vengano essi respinti in eterno nello sprofondo degli abissi del mare dei cieli. Con quanto da me affermato, dichiaro di essermi votato ALL’IDDIO UNO L’ONNIPOTENTE, alla Santissima Vergine Maria Madre di DIO a Gesù Cristo nostro Signore e allo Spirito Santo.


    IL sito è posto sotto il profilo Filosofico – Spirituale – Religioso e sarà attivo fino a metà Marzo 2011 dato gli eventi che ritengo pressochè sicuro siano in arrivo, a tale motivo ho ritenuto in conseguenza darne disdetta almeno momentaneamente fino a nuova visione dell’Umanità dei Figli di DIO e del Mondo Rigenerati, per il dopo, chi vivrà vedrà.

    Prima che il caos sopraggiunga, metto da parte il ragiona-mento e la costruzione intellettuale per ritrovare e riconoscere definitivamente casa esteriore e interiore nel Tempio Tabernacolo del mio cuore, dove ritrovo pace, dove ritrovo silenzio, dove ritrovo Amore Infinito Avvolgente, dove ritrovo DIO UNO IN SPIRITO, QUALE UNICO NOSTRO CREATORE.

    Mi con-cedo e abban-dono a DIO UNO, QUALE NOSTRO UNICO CREATORE, che possa essere eternamente suo strumento Terreno e Celeste.

    AMATI FIGLI DI DIO, SI PRENDA ATTO. ( messaggio sublime e conforto totale ) (Abbiate Fede e fiducia, non affanniamoci per il domani )

    Dell’Imminente Ascensione nei Cieli in Corpo, Mente, Anima e Spirito per i Figli di DIO ad opera di Gesù Cristo che ci Salverà dall’annientamento per poi essere Reinseriti sulla Terra una volta Purificati e Rigenerati, noi saremo tramite la Divina Discensione di nuovo posti SOPRA la SUPERFICE della Nostra Meravigliosa Nuova Terra Rigenerata e in un Nuovo Cielo Inseriti sempre ad opera di Jesus Cristus nostro Signore.

    Si Preghi con Fervida Fede in DIO UNO ONNIPOTENTE in attesa del Ritorno della Venuta del Signore Jesus Cristus nostro Salvatore.

    IN NOME DEL PADRE, DEL FIGLIO E DELLO SPIRITO SANTO GENERATORE DI MARIA MADRE DI DIO, COSI’ SIA, ( dove nella Tradizione più antica implica che lo Spirito Santo possa coincidere con il principio Generatore Femminile. )



    Brevissima Riflessione di Monsignor Antonio Riboldi :
    DIO è davvero un grande Oceano di Amore che a parole è impossibile conoscere.
    A noi Lui chiede di avere Fiducia nel suo Amore e di Amarlo con tutte le forze.
    E’ quello che conta più che le nostre parole sempre tanto povere.
    Fede e fiducia, non affanniamoci per il domani !


    Benedetto e felice è colui che si leva a promuovere i migliori interessi dei popoli e delle tribù della terra, ancora: Ci si deve gloriare di amare il Mondo intero quale unico Paese e L’Umanità quale suoi cittadini”.



    DIO UNO NOSTRO UNICO SIGNORE CREATORE, all’alba del giorno più bello Apporterà il Profetico Rapimento in Estasi nei Cieli dei suoi Figli in Avvenimento Soprannaturale.

    Ciò che dal Creatore viene al Creatore Torna, i figli di DIO facciano ritorno al PADRE.

    La via dell’Ascensione in corpo, mente, Anima e Spirito per L’Umanità in DIO ad opera del Messia Divinità JESUS CRISTUS, sia.

    Ciò che è stato sarà di Nuovo, al Tramonto dei nostri Tempi, al Sorgere di una Nuova Terra in un Nuovo Cielo per una Nuova Umanità Ri – Voluzio – Nata.


    L’Umanità è pronta nella sua ulteriore Ciclica Ri – genera – azione, si perpetui la Nuova Umanità Purificata e proiettata a Nuova VITA in un Nuovo Cielo e nella Nuova Terra purificata.


    IL MESSIA DIVINITA’ sia su tutti noi, anticipa il tuo Ritorno, SIGNORE ti imploriamo, mea culpa mea culpa mea grandissima culpa, SIA BENEDETTO IL SUO NOME IN ETERNO, VENGA IL REGNO DI DIO IN TERRA VENGA IL SUO REGNO.

    La Battaglia Finale degli Spiriti è già in Atto, IL REGNO DI DIO TRIONFERA’ sul regno dei demoni, Fratelli in DIO non abbiate paura, CON IL MESSIA DIVINITA’ GESU’ CRISTO SIGNORE nei nostri cuori non abbiamo motivo di avere paura, JESUS CRISTUS SIGNORE SALVATORE E NOSTRO UNICO CREATORE ci tiene a sua Cura e Protezione.

    Ad opera del SIGNORE sia L’Ascensione nei Cieli per i Figli di DIO.

    Prepariamoci ad accogliere gli Eventi, inizino i Canti e le Danze di Liberazione dalle paure e dalle angosce Umane, Un Nuovo RI – Inizio dell’Umanità che dalla Jèrusalem Celeste nei cieli Purificata e in Terris Reinserita, sta, per porsi in essere. IL Signore porta in salvo i suoi Figli.


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    Venga IL REGNO DI DIO in Terra, venga IL SUO REGNO.

    JURM Ben ISman

    La Santissima Vergine Maria Madre di DIO e Gesù Cristo sono a nostra protezione dal male.

    E’ il Momento dell’Umana Ascensione in Corpo Mente Anima e Spirito alla Jèrusalem Celeste nei Cieli.



    L’ Ascensione nella Jèrusalem Celeste nei Cieli in Corpo, Mente, Anima e Spirito ad opera del SIGNORE ci Salverà dall’annientamento per poi essere Una volta Purificati e Rigenerati, posti di nuovo per mezzo della Discensione ad opera di CRISTO sulla SUPERFICIE della Nostra Amata Nuova Terra Rigenerata in un Nuovo Cielo Inseriti.



    VENGA il Regno di DIO in Terra venga il suo Regno.
    Con Infinito Amore e Umiltà si faccia nostro il presente Messaggio.

    L’ Ascensione nei Cieli in Corpo, Mente, Anima e Spirito ci Salverà dall’annientamento per poi essere Re-inseriti sulla Terra una volta Purificati e Rigenerati, noi, saremo tramite la Discensione sempre ad opera di GESU’ CRISTO, POSTI DI NUOVO SOPRA LA SUPERFICE DELLA TERRA RIGENERATA E PURIFICATA E IN UN NUOVO CIELO INSERITI.

    Si Preghi con Fervida Fede L’IDDIO UNO L’ONNIPOTENTE, in attesa della Venuta del Signore JESUS CRISTUS nostro Salvatore.

    IN NOME DEL PADRE, DEL FIGLIO E DELLO SPIRITO SANTO GENERATORE DELLA SANTISSIMA VERGINE MARIA MADRE DI DIO. Dove nella Tradizione più antica implica che lo SPIRITO SANTO possa coincidere con il principio Generatore Femminile.

    JURM Ben ISman

    Brevissima Riflessione di Monsignor Antonio Riboldi : DIO è davvero un grande Oceano di Amore che a parole è impossibile conoscere. Ma a noi Lui chiede di avere Fiducia nel suo Amore e di Amarlo
    con tutte le forze. Ed è quello che conta, più che le nostre parole sempre tanto povere.

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