Real Life Idiocracy in America – The Obama Effect


The Obama Effect – Real Life Idiocracy in America – Obama Supporters Aren’t Sure What Party the President is Associated With. *SUBSCRIBE* for new …


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  1. EU Ropa says:

    What a pointless video…

  2. this guy is a complete dick

  3. loadfaster says:

    this is the best… this one so far is on a new level of madness. this is art man… subscribed

  4. These idiots weren't smarter when George W. Bush was president, unless they suddenly magically turned dumber when Obama was elected.
    Nice try moron.

  5. DUDE. You people are killing me!?

  6. log140 says:

    if this was the only vid he has done, I would think he was looking hard for those ppl… but tons of vids :-)

  7. A Gomez says:

    lmao! Thank you zombie ???

  8. Mark Dice, where can I buy that t-shirt?

  9. fastacker2 says:

    I'd like a starbucks with extra "foam" please.
    brought to you by Carls Jr.

  10. Brett Qual says:

    Yes there are many ill informed Americans but you sir are a joke. It seems to me that you are a superior being that farts intelligence. As we all know monkeys have a high capacity for learning but they also fling their shit through the air and you sir are the proverbial shit flinging monkey and I hope you get your brains
    eaten from your living skull by a hoard of starving Pygmy's

  11. Drac03 says:

    This farse could never be pulled off on the campus of at HBCU or even on the politically divided grounds of the U.S capital. Also, notice the shift in the sunlight. Hence, a lot of time spent finding these unwitting clueless souls. I want to see the unedited version of this video! It won't happen.

  12. I really want him to ask people "What is the Name of the first president of the United States"

  13. Erik T says:

    Fuck Mark Dice! Fucking asshole!

  14. Mark Dice is the number #2 shill in America.
    Behind Alex Jones.

  15. Most americans think that their Presidents name is Hamburger Mcnugget.

  16. A Man Apart says:

    how could this stupid peeps be woken up to the secret societies and the ruthless elites when they don't even know the fucking party!! You know what illuminati can have them and reduce their population abd shit over stupid moronic brains!!

  17. Best part is , ok ….thanks……zombie lmfao ;)

  18. I'm waiting on someone to say communist.

  19. And I would be careful calling obama the savior or.messiah is very ricky I understand your being sarcastic but that is bashing jesus's name

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