Revelation of Truth Chapter 14 – The Planned World War 3


Click here to see the Chapter 15 revelation of the truth – false saviors qppc88 want to start WW3 by …


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  1. Idk how far down the rabbit hole we are. Our leaders are in on it it's rigged. We tried to get Ron Paul but they changed the constitution and are committing treason by doing so the NDAA but they should know America is not as easy as they think it is to take we don't stand down or roll over. A good movie is that Australian one called the day when the war started tomorrow or somethin its on Netflix good tactics there

  2. War is necessary to stabilize the Worlds' Population.

  3. ayam a says:

    when the 'genius' has spoken.

  4. What would happen if the governments of the world declare war and people turn around and all say no we won't kill each other for you were going to continue to live our lives in peace.

  5. doesn't that answer come to the 6.8 billion and there choice the desion isn't thd matter how powerful it's the.people so you decide it's your choice.

  6. hey ho!, fkn henry kissinger over here

  7. Secret Societies are the problem´╗┐

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