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  1. kenster545 says:

    We finally going home!!

  2. Air-Raid Sirens in San Diego and Tacoma; Fighter Jets Seen Scrambling, Reports of “Explosion Sounds”

  3. Y'all got a camp out in Oklahoma Tulsa ? Just curious

  4. Lance Smith says:

    It's crazy how the lord works, the 2/3rds can't even feel the vibration of war in the air.

  5. thawadah for posting ahchya. SHALAWAM

  6. Kan, we don't give a fuck who decides to strike first, just do it! I want to hear the wicked cry and the wicked plea for help.

  7. Robert says:

    Wow, I've read the bible cover to cover many times and your cult takes the cake for cherrie picking and shit talking. You don't know shit and you can do is speculate because you have no Facts. You're not 1 of the 144,000 either.

  8. Why is everything about race…so tired of it.

  9. jake awake says:

    Shalawam Ahch.

  10. Standonarock says:

    rev 3:9 the fake Jews are the prob.

  11. hurricane Matthew was created by the U.S government btw

  12. it's gone be glorious a day indeed. TMH is gonna put on a light show. One that no on has ever witnessed on the 4th. Hell 2/3rds and these heathens will be a part of it. They wont be spectating this go round. They will be the stars…happy torching

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