RH Negative Blood Documentary Illuminati Exposed – AENT


The RH Negative Blood movie is a 5 Star Documentary overlapping Time, DNA, The Fallen, The Nephilim, The Blue Bloods, History, Ancient History, UFO’s,


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  1. Garret FInch says:

    I am the only person that cares about this information amongst my peers, family, friends, and acquaintances. This is me reaching out to the world, as I am surrounded by the walking dead. It is my ambition to wake the dead, whom constitute the overwhelming majority of this world. I do not claim to have the answers, or to even be awake enough to effect positive change in the world, but I am standing at the threshold of higher knowledge, and I have already taken the plunge. I value truth and freedom above all else, and strive to align my perspective with truth as closely as possible, apropos, if I am wrong about anything, I will remedy my mistake. If anybody would like to speak with me, or offer your knowledge and opinions, I would love to discuss this topic. I am coming from a place of humility, as all I want is to discover the truth, and live life according to it. I strongly believe that this is a key component in the body of knowledge that will free humankind from the human farm that this planet has been turned into. I am looking forward to the discussing this with someone, rather than just searching the web, being ignored by friends and family, and letting the thoughts bounce around my head without a healthy outlet. Kind regards,

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