RimWorld Gameplay Alpha 12 – #01 – Rainforest Colony! – Let’s Play


Welcome to my Let’s Play of RimWorld! RimWorld follows three survivors from a crashed space liner as they build a colony on a frontier world at the rim of known …


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  1. Tayfun Saral says:

    yess finaly… oh amd ctop, i got bannes for no good reason from youre twitch and i have proof too

  2. let's hope this start is really good

  3. xBlueJ says:

    Is this made by the same people as prison architect?

  4. ctop what does this game cost and where did you find it

  5. Tayfun Saral says:


  6. I always love to play in the ice sheet mountains, build a hole into a mountain, place a few turrets and just become the enclave from fallout 3.
    also a tip, focus on heavy food production, you will be able to sell the excess for guns

  7. Hey Ctop, did you see that mysterious structure near the top of the map?

  8. Angus Kappa says:

    Make sure your base os 12 spaces away from the wall. wariders can spawn within those 12(including) so they could spawn in ur base if they are 12 away from the boarder becareful. And if it a solid they will spawn somewhere else so ya

  9. Korpio SK says:

    Ctop if you are reading this….keep it up man you are a great youtuber and I hope you get more subscribers and watching you play games make me want them even more….I hope you get many more subscribers! :D

  10. Davis Judd says:

    Nice reference with the Bert Macklen

  11. Alex Burke says:

    Love your channel

  12. Feriz Ahmeti says:

    i what to be a clonolist with my bedroom carped red ok ( :

  13. Feriz Ahmeti says:

    with good shoting skill

  14. Feriz Ahmeti says:

    wich is danny:miner ok ( :

  15. Kenofox ? says:

    Hello Ctop, i've got an offer for you.
    How may i contact you?

  16. Nice choice with the rainforest in the second play through Ctop. Thanks for the play through!

  17. Lewis Clay says:


  18. Moderately high elevation tropical sites are probably the most idea climate to settle in—mild temperatures and year-round farming without the plague and malaria.

  19. Alex C says:

    Click on the work tab to set tasks

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