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From the oasis cities of Makkah and Madinah in the Arabian desert, the concept of Islam went forth with electrifying speed. Inside 50 percent a century of the Prophet’s demise, Islam experienced spread to three continents. Islam is not, as some consider in the West, a faith of the sword nor did it spread principally by implies of war. It was only within Arabia, in which a crude form of idolatry was rampant, that Islam was propagated by warring versus people tribes which did not accept the concept of God–whilst Christians and Jews had been not pressured to change.

Outside of Arabia also the vast lands conquered by the Arab armies in a quick time period grew to become Muslim not by drive of the sword but by the appeal of the new faith. It was faith in Just one God and emphasis upon His Mercy that introduced vast quantities of individuals into the fold of Islam. The new faith did not coerce individuals to change. Lots of continued to continue being Jews and Christians and to this working day important communities of the followers of these faiths are located in Muslim lands.Furthermore, the spread of Islam was not constrained to its miraculous early growth exterior of Arabia. During afterwards centuries the Turks embraced Islam peacefully as did a significant range of the individuals of the Indian subcontinent and the Malay-talking world. In Africa also, Islam has spread through the earlier two centuries even beneath the mighty electricity of European colonial rulers.

The Rightly guided Caliphs

Abu Bakr, Radi-Allahu anhu

Upon the demise of the Prophet, Abu Bakr, the close friend of the Prophet and the initially adult male to embrace Islam, grew to become caliph  or successor to Prophet Muhammad, Sall-Allahu alayhi wa sallam. The initially obstacle he confronted was from the individuals who experienced refused to fork out Zakat and some bogus claimants of prophethood. He dealt with them strongly and all of people individuals had been defeated.

Abu Bakr, Radi-Allahu anhu, also took methods versus the Persian Empire that was a consistent danger to the Muslims. It experienced aided the individuals who experienced rebelled versus Islam. In the initially struggle versus the Persians, the Fight of Chains, the Muslims emerged victorious whilst the Persians experienced a humiliating defeat. Thousands of Persians had been killed and taken captive. Upcoming, the Muslims fought the Fight of Mazar versus the Persians. Once more the Muslims received. In the battles of Walaja and Ulleis, way too, the Muslims received the battles versus the Persians. They also conquered the kingdom of Hira. The Muslims also conquered a fort named Ein-at-Tamr.

The Muslims also fought versus the Byzantines. In the struggle of Basra, the Muslims emerged victorious versus the Byzantines. So had been they victorious versus the Byzantines in the Fight of Ajnadein. The Muslims also laid siege to Damascus, which was lifted since of the demise of Abu Bakr, Radi-Allahu anhu.

Umar, Radi-Allahu anhu

Umar, Radi-Allahu anhu, grew to become the future Caliph after Abu Bakr, Radi-Allahu anhu’s, demise. Umar, Radi-Allahu anhu, continued the war versus the Persians since of the steady troubles they had been causing for the Muslim State. The Muslims fought the Fight of Namarraq versus the Persians. The Muslims received this struggle. Immediately after that the Fight of Jasr took area. In that struggle, the Muslims had been defeated. Then the Muslims fought the battles of Buwaib, Qadisiya, and Jalula. The Muslims received in all of these battles. The Muslims also conquered Madain, Shustar, and Jande Sabur. Then arrived the Fight of Nihawand. This was just one of the most decisive battles in history and it sealed the fate of the Persian Empire. It also proved to be the gateway for Muslims to Persia.

Umar, Radi-Allahu anhu, also fought versus the Byzantine Empire. The Muslims conquered Syria after the Fight of Yarmuk. The Muslims then conquered Jerusalem and Egypt.

In Russia, the Muslims conquered Azerbaijan and Tabaristan.

Uthman, Radi-Allahu anhu

Umar was succeeded by ‘Uthman who dominated for some twelve many years through which time the Islamic growth continued. He is also identified as the caliph who experienced the definitive text of the Noble Quran copied and sent to the four corners of the Islamic world. 

During Uthman, Radi-Allahu anhu’s rule, there had been uprisings in Persia and in Byzantine. Uthman, Radi-Allahu anhu, crushed these revolts and created his grip on the territories firmer. During his rule, the Muslims conquered the entire of North Africa. It included countries now identified as Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco. The island of Cyprus was also conquered through his time.

Strategies had been also sent versus Khurasan (in existing-working day Iran), Armeain, and Asia Insignificant (now Turkey).
He was in transform succeeded by ‘Ali who is identified to this working day for his eloquent sermons and letters, and also for his bravery. With his demise the rule of the “rightly guided” caliphs, who maintain a specific area of respect in the hearts of Muslims, arrived to an end.

Aspects That Led to This Rise

  • The Muslims spread their empire at lightning speed. Inside 50 percent a century after Prophet Muhammad Sall-Allahu alayhi wa sallam’s demise, three continents experienced come beneath the Muslim rule and equally tremendous powers of the time, the Persian and the Roman, experienced been defeated. It was their faith, character, and braveness that was responsible for this phenomenal achievement.
  • Prophet Muhammad, Sall-Allahu alayhi wa sallam, experienced remaining a good range of skilled companions. The Muslims understood they had been fighting for the sake of Allah and so they did not plunder the lands that they acquired nor did they take care of the citizens of the conquered lands harshly. They had been courageous, brave, and not concerned of dying.
  • They had been not greedy individuals or individuals in search of worldly pleasures. Instead they had been extremely generous individuals frequently leaving them selves with hardly anything at all whilst satisfying the wants of others. The commanders of good armies that conquered the Persian Empire, and so on. had been not the least little bit various from the troopers in their army pertaining to their lifestyle. Their lifestyle was basic. Their outfits had been just enough to in good shape them and their meals had been scanty. Frequently they went hungry for lots of times. If they received foodstuff, it would be no extra than a piece of bread or dates and some water. Their outfits would have so lots of patches in them.
  • In stark distinction to the pomp and exhibit of equally the Persian and the Roman empires, the Caliphs’ existence had been no various from the citizens. Frequently when a dignitary from a various empire would come to fulfill the Caliph, he would have a tricky time recognizing the Caliph since he was the exact as a regular citizen. The Caliphs kept no guards and did not really feel a little bit insulted in washing their own outfits and mending their own shoes or executing perform for others these types of as milking the neighbor’s goats, and so on.
  • They had been extremely sort to the individuals of the lands they conquered. They in no way destroyed any temple or church after conquering the area in which the temple or church was. They had been extremely just. They only resorted to war if it was unavoidable. Frequently they would signal treaties assuring the topics of complete protection. Only the topics would have to fork out a tiny amount of tax called Jizyah for the safety they had been receiving from the Muslims. At the exact time, they had been exempted from having to pay Zakat and collaborating in army strategies.
  • The Muslims’ character impressed lots of and lots of grew to become Muslims after observing their character. No human being grew to become a Muslim beneath compulsion. The individuals grew to become Muslims totally since they wanted to.

The Caliphate


The Umayyad caliphate set up in 661 was to final for about a century. During this time Damascus grew to become the cash of an Islamic world which stretched from the western borders of China to southern France. Not only did the Islamic conquests go on through this time period by way of North Africa to Spain and France in the West and to Sind, Central Asia and Transoxiana in the East, but the basic social and legal institutions of the freshly started Islamic world had been set up.


The Abbasids, who succeeded the Umayyads, shifted the cash to Baghdad which quickly made into an incomparable center of studying and culture as perfectly as the administrative and political coronary heart of a vast world.They dominated for more than five hundred many years but steadily their electricity waned and they remained only symbolic rulers bestowing legitimacy upon many sultans and princes who wielded precise army electricity. The Abbasid caliphate was ultimately abolished when Hulagu, the Mongol ruler, captured Baghdad in 1258, destroying much of the town which include its incomparable libraries.

While the Abbasids dominated in Baghdad, a range of potent dynasties these types of as the Fatimids, Ayyubids and Mamluks held electricity in Egypt, Syria and Palestine. The most important function in this area as considerably as the relation amongst Islam and the Western world was anxious was the sequence of Crusades declared by the Pope and espoused by many European kings. The function, although political, was outwardly to recapture the Holy Land and particularly Jerusalem for Christianity. Though there was at the starting some results and area European rule was established up in components of Syria and Palestine, Muslims ultimately prevailed and in 1187 Saladin, the good Muslim leader, recaptured Jerusalem and defeated the Crusaders.

North Africa And Spain

When the Abbasids captured Damascus, just one of the Umayyad princes escaped and created the extended journey from there to Spain to located Umayyad rule there, consequently starting the golden age of Islam in Spain. Cordoba was set up as the cash and quickly grew to become Europe’s best town not only in populace but from the stage of perspective of its cultural and intellectual existence. The Umayyads dominated more than two centuries until they weakened and had been replaced by area rulers.In the meantime in North Africa, many area dynasties held sway until two potent Berber dynasties succeeded in uniting much of North Africa and also Spain in the 12th and 13th centuries. Immediately after them this area was dominated the moment once again by area dynasties these types of as the Sharifids of Morocco who nonetheless rule in that region. As for Spain by itself, Muslim electricity continued to wane until the final Muslim dynasty was defeated in Granada in 1492 consequently bringing almost 8 hundred many years of Muslim rule in Spain to an end.

Immediately after the Mangol Invasion

The Mongols devastated the japanese lands of Islam and dominated from the Sinai Desert to India for a century. But they quickly transformed to Islam and grew to become identified as the Il-Khanids. They had been in transform succeeded by Timur and his descendents who created Samarqand their cash and dominated from 1369 to 1500. The sudden increase of Timur delayed the formation and growth of the Ottoman empire but quickly the Ottomans grew to become the dominant electricity in the Islamic world.

Ottoman Empire

From humble origins the Turks rose to dominate more than the entire of Anatolia and even components of Europe. In 1453 Mehmet the Conqueror captured Constantinople and set an end to the Byzantine empire. The Ottomans conquered much of eastem Europe and almost the entire of the Arab world, only Morocco and Mauritania in the West and Yemen, Hadramaut and components of the Arabian peninsula remaining further than their manage. They reached their zenith of electricity with Suleyman the Wonderful whose armies reached Hungary and Austria. From the 17th century onward with the increase of Westem European powers and afterwards Russia, the electricity of the Ottomans started to wane. But they even so remained a drive to be reckoned with until the Initially Environment War when they had been defeated by the Westem nations. Soon thereafter Kamal Ataturk gained electricity in Turkey and abolished the six centuries of rule of the Ottomans in 1924.


While the Ottomans had been anxious largely with the westem entrance of their empire, to the east in Persia a new dynasty called the Safavids arrived to electricity in 1502. The Safavids set up a potent state of their own which flourished for more than two centuries and grew to become identified for the flowering of the arts. Their cash, Isfahan, grew to become just one of the most stunning cities with its blue tiled mosques and exquisite properties. The Afghan invasion of 1736 set an end to Safavid rule and organized the independence of Afghanistan which occured fommally in the nineteenth century. Persia by itself fell into tummoil until Nader Shah, the final Oriental conqueror, reunited the region and even conquered India. But the rule of the dynasty set up by him was quick-lived. The Zand dynasty quickly took more than to be overthrown by the Qajars in 1779 who created Tehran their cash and dominated until 1921 when they had been in transform replaced by the Pahlavis.


As for India, Islam entered into the land east of the Indus River peacefully. Steadily Muslims gained political electricity starting in the early 13th century. But this time period which marked the growth of equally Islam and Islamic culture arrived to an end with the conquest of much of India in 1526 by Babur, just one of the Timurid princes. He set up the potent Mogul empire which developed these types of renowned rulers as Akbar, Jahangir, and Shah Jahan and which lasted, regardless of the gradual increase of British electricity in India, until 1857 when it was formally abolished.

Malaysia And Indonesia

Farther east in the Malay world, Islam started to spread in the 12th century in northem Sumatra and quickly Muslim kingdoms had been establishd in Java, Sumatra and mainland Malaysia. Irrespective of the colonization of the Malay world, Islam spread in that area covering existing working day Indonesia, Malaysia, the southern Phililppines and southern Thailand, and is nonetheless continuing in islands farther east.


As considerably as Africa is concemed, Islam entered into East Africa at the extremely starting of the Islamic time period but remained confined to the coast for some time, only the Sudan and Somaliland starting to be steadily equally Arabized and Islamized. West Africa felt the existence of Islam by way of North African traders who travelled with their camel caravans south of the Sahara. By the 14th century there had been by now Muslim sultanates in these types of locations as Mali, and Timbuctu in West Africa and Harar in East Africa experienced turn into seats of Islamic leaming.

Steadily Islam penetrated equally inland and southward. There also appeared significant charismatic figures who impressed intensive resistance versus European domination. The system of the Islamization of Africa did not cease through the colonial time period and carries on even now with the result that most Africans are now Muslims carrying on a custom which has experienced nearly as extended a history in sure locations of sub-Saharan Africa as Islam by itself.

Purpose for drop of Islamic Empire.

The Rise and Drop of Islam’s Biggest Dynasty is a little bit of mystery, Due to the fact Almighty Allah has plainly claimed in Holy Quran that people who feel in the unseen and create worship, and commit of that we have bestowed upon them And who feel in that which is unveiled unto thee [Muhammad] and that which was unveiled prior to thee, and are sure of the Hereafter. These depend on advice from their lord. These are the effective [equally below and hereafter]. [Sura 2/1v-5v   AL-BAQRA/Cow]

Results of Islamic Empire is that their ruler had been robust feel that Victory is from Allah Subhanatala who is the real creator and sustainer of heaven and Earth, They had been courageous, brave, and not concerned of dying, since they know extremely perfectly existence on earth is momentary and hereafter is long-lasting. This is the mystery behind results of Islamic Empire

Prophet Muhammad Pbuh experienced by now warned Muslim that Beware of Satan, for the protection of your faith. He has misplaced all hope that he will ever be able to lead you astray in massive items, so beware of following him in tiny items.

Islamic empire rulers all over the world slowly and gradually but steadily experienced fallen on deception of this world, in similar way as Prophet Adam and Eve fallen on lure of Satan or satan and received out from paradise, even though almighty Allah warn  experienced warn them.

Jesus Peace and blessing upon has claimed This Environment is like aged unappealing aged gals who has lined her confront with all varieties of stunning make-up and inviting every and every just one of us to  have her. Due to the fact of  our absolutely free will, we are generally tempted toward her deceit attractiveness. Finally when her make-up begins melting they will able to see her ugliness but that’s way too late. 

The rulers who feel in brotherhood and rule beneath Islamic law started splitting into tiny kingdom since of their egocentric motivation to attaining almost everything for them selves and they slowly and gradually misplaced their way from the route righteousness, Muslim rulers started killing their own flesh and blood for electricity and dismissed advice of holy Quran and Sunnah of prophet Muhammad, they experienced taken the aid of non Muslim kings whom the moment they defeated and thrown away from electricity, Specifically kingdom which come beneath Catholic Church these types of Spain, France, Italy, Greece who had been battling, since from 750 A.D to 1350 A.D finish Europe experienced becoming plunge in darkish age. Where by these Islamic kingdom had been centuries ahead in progress in every subject, The Muslim time period in Spain, is frequently described as a ‘golden age’ of studying in which libraries, faculties, community baths had been set up and literature, science, astronomy, poetry and architecture flourished. 

The Islamic Empire experienced conquered the world beneath just one united solitary Religion whose successor experienced strictly followed only Quran and Legitimate Sunnah which Prophet Muhammad Pbuh nearly revealed in his existence time. Afterwards that solitary Islamic Religion experienced divided into 63 Distinct Sects [Hanafiyah, Sulaimaniah, Yaqubiyya, Karibiyah, Sha’iyah, Ismailiyah, Bada’iyah and so on.], across the world, this division from solitary real faith into various sects, also divide their electricity and in transform started electricity battle amongst them selves.

Almighty Allah [Swt]  said in the Holy Quran ” If  believers would deviate from righteous route, the advice in the form of  revelations or holy scriptures , teaching of their Prophets and adhere to the route of disbeliever, then he will humiliated them in the arms of their enemies, more than thrown from their own lands. Until they will return to the route of Righteous. this punishment is blessing in disguise, since if they are unsuccessful to return route of righteous then they have to endure and humiliate on the working day of judgement and ultimately go to Hellfire with disbelievers.

The Day of Judgment

The Day of Judgment

On the Day of Judgments which is a solitary working day of 50000 many years, they working day which is promised, they working day which is positive, they working day which unavoidable, Allah subhanatala rises Mankind from their graves, from every graves 70 people’s will be rises bare foot, bare, uncircumcised. we will be assemble prior to him on a working day of terror, the working day of anxiety, this is the working day of judgments or  al-Qiyâmah, just one working day of 50000 many years for disbelievers.

There will be three varieties of Sins which Almighty Allah choose which mankind experienced dedicated in their existence time.

The Sins which human are accomplished versus their own souls and disobedient to Allah Subhanatala these types of as Irregular Praying, Irregular Fasting, not supplying Correct Zakat or Charity to very poor Peoples, not going  for Hajj and so on. which can be easily eliminated because of humiliation, terror and punishment of working day of judgments, these sins are eliminated because of tauba repentance,  then are the other  sins which human beings are dedicated versus others these are not issue forgiveness apart from the just one who oppress is recompensed by just one who he or she oppress him or her, , than if two individuals did evil versus every other the only way to sought  it out is exchange of deeds, the human being who sinned  versus human being or oppress will consider superior deed of sinned human being or oppressor, if the sinned human being do not have any superior deed then the sins of oppress human being will transfer to the oppressor.

Ultimate the 3rd type of sin or zulam which is in no way be forgiven, the sin or zulam whose punishment is everlasting hell fireplace, everlasting existence in a area in which Allah will burn off their skin and recreate their skin and once again burn off their skin, The hell fireplace will be 70 periods extra incredibly hot than existing earth fireplace, a area in which Allah pour upon his peoples the boiling water which burn off the faces and burn off their insides, in which area in which only foodstuff is tree of zaqum whose fruits are like devils lifeless and the only consume is the pus of wounds or pus discharge from genital of fornicators, this the consume of individuals of hell fireplace. The individuals who make shirk with Allah, they will keep in that hellfire endlessly and they will in no way ever come out from hell and paradise will be created forbidden to them. Allah will not forgive them, It isn’t going to make any difference what deed you did, It isn’t going to make any difference what superior you did, it isn’t going to make any difference how charitable you are, it isn’t going to make any difference how pious you are, regardless of whether you are Mother Theresa, Diana Spencer, no matter what your title was, no matter what your lineage was, no matter what the ancestry was, no matter what the tribe was. No matter what your country was, it will make no difference, if you fulfill Allah have dedicated shirk or kuffur and haven’t repent then you are aboard to everlasting hellfire from which you will in no way come out.



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