SCRAPPER © Mad Max range runners, award winning documentary, full feature movie, Of Bombs and Men


A defiant group of survivalists, desperadoes and range runners risk their lives scavenging the impact areas of a US military bombing range for the expensive …


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  1. Icy Rhodes says:

    Feel bad for the meth addicts :(

  2. perolito83 says:

    Some of these people look like they belong in the Mad Max universe, great documentary.

  3. ennybm says:

    Great docu, must've been very cool to ride with these guys and that they'd let you in their lives

  4. I was hoping to see the remains of Downey's truck that was lifted & dropped from the helicopter. I bet it never left the bombing range! :D

  5. Great Doco, reminds me of that old 80's sci-fi movie ' Hardware ' with a bit of Mad Max thrown in.

  6. Harun Musa says:

    That can't be healthy. Think of all the depleted uranium. Hello cancer!!! And didn't they say that they dropped some Nukes there too? Holly cow!!! That's what killed John Wayne!!! Cancer! Because of that movie he shot in the desert.

  7. Terrible One says:

    Crazy tweekers. Very fascinating to watch.

  8. "Some days it's chicken. Some days it's feathers."

  9. Lazza Leppi says:

    McDonnell Douglas AV-8B Harrier II
    Owner/operator:US Marine Corps, VMA-211
    Registration: 164144
    C/n / msn: 217
    Fatalities:Fatalities: 0 / Occupants: 1
    Other fatalities:0

    Airplane damage: Written off (damaged beyond repair)
    Location:near Yuma, Arizona –
      United States of America

    Phase: En route
    Departure airport:MCAS Yuma, AZ
    Destination airport:

    crashed on Yuma range Apr 15, 2000 due to inflight fire on route to the
    Chocolate Mountains bombing range, Salton Sea, California.

  10. killbop says:

    i believe we found Trevor's family.

  11. Ewoud Bras says:

    When truth became stranger than fiction. :)

  12. Hugh Jass says:

    I wonder how they prevent people from doing this nowadays. I'm sure you can't pull that shit off now….

  13. Gaita Ponto says:

    Thanks for sharing.

  14. adamre12 says:

    Extreme Recycling!

  15. seems like a really good idea to go an pick up remnants of dirty bombs.

  16. greg maxwell says:

    Randy couldn't handle the life, left to pursue his dreams of being a hedge fund manager. Good luck Randy.

  17. stcrussman says:

    That was a beautiful shot of that osprey

  18. lots of these old vets are full of shit, many never were in battle. wonder if this guy was???

  19. MrSGL21 says:

    the Enola Gay dropped the Hiroshima bomb. Bockscar dropped the Nagasaki bomb.

  20. the 'I Believe All Things Are Possible' speech at 55:00 is a must watch

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