Secret Aircraft of World War II 2/3 – Luftwaffe



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  1. neddy laddy says:

    for fuck's sake, the opening sequence had nothing whatsoever to do with actual secret aeroplane. I never existed !

  2. neddy laddy says:

    Did any country telegraph their development of new aeroplanes during wartime ?

  3. V Guillin says:

    Nazis scientists woudn't have the ressources and the knowledge to build a nuke device in 1946, maybe in 48-49 in the best case….so the project to reach New York or others big cities, with a jet wing aircraft was  pure fantasy……..

  4. I know it's a very good thing that the nazis lost but if they had another 10 years it's scary to think what they might've accomplished since they USA only really caught up completely in the late 80's although in most areas USA was far ahead in the 50's.

  5. 'Fockel Wulf Trifleugel' made my day :).

    The correct version: 'Focke Wulf (That's the company, abbr.: Fw) Triflügel' (ü == ue, literally meaning 'Threewing')

  6. thefab85 says:

    It was named "Triebflügel" (powered wing). And when will people realize that the Luftwaffe was running out of fuel quickly? No fuel, no movement, no war.

  7. ERIC BRAMMER says:

    Oh, and at 8:41, our informed commentator notes the twin "20mm Cannon" used; Ahem, the placard, nevermind the gaping Size of the Barrels, says '30mm'. Editors! Where in the hell were the editors!?  Okay, then history is now re-written, badly…

  8. The ju 87 wasn't directly based on the hawk. The henschel 123 was based on the hawk and the stuka on the henschel.

  9. Potwheelz says:

    How come a nazi haircut only cost a buck?  A- 25cents a side.  Allies Rule!

  10. M Wilson says:

    13:15 the narrator refers to a planned version of the He 162 volksjager using ram jets similar to those used on the V-1. The engine used on the V-1 was not a ram jet but a pulse jet.

  11. Is it just me, or does it seems like two different pieces of music are playing at the same time – at certain time throughout the video?

  12. Hitler never even attempted to build a "nuclear bomb", because he despised the idea, and probably because he knew that it was impossible to accomplish. German scientists were not stupid. If nuclear explosions were possible in real life, then the Germans would have been able to build such a bomb. But it is not possible, and it will never be possible. it is a hoax to control the world by fear.

  13. andreasegde says:

    Speer got away with murder, and saved his own neck by lying his arse off. Good grief, he was even called the "Speer: The Good Nazi?" He was the original Spin Doctor.
    Thank whoever that the Nazis didn't have these planes in 1939…..

  14. Martin Burch says:

    Check out the number on the MiG-15 at 29:35. It looks upside down, maybe I'm not firing enough brain cells…

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