Secrets of Rothschild Family Fortune +$500 Trillion (Documentary)


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  1. CatBornAgain says:

    TESLA-GENERATED techs. They probably have up to $1 Quadrillion Dollars.
    Tesla Modern World technology generates up to $1 TRILLION DOLLARS D-A-I-L-Y
    THEY also trafficked most of our Slavic children, babies and young women…taking the best looking Aristocratic SLAVS
    for themselves, that's how they have Evelyn De Rothschilds WHO is unusually good-looking for them.
    WE being of the Original HEBREWS who christianized > the children of JACOB…the Bible prophecies predict the Captivity of the sons of Jacob in Obadiah via the EDOMITES a/k/a the JEWS…Zechariah 14:2 and Isaiah 49th chapter ("your children will be STOLEN")…Only the SLAVS have been taken into Human Trafficking or CAPTIVITY in numbers bigger than 40 millions in last 2.000 yrs. We are of the Original HEBREWS…. the JEWS is just a Wishful "Religion". but
    lots of the White SLAVS have been bought by these Edomites-Khazarians-Canaanites, so that MOST if NOT ALL the White JEWS came via SLAVIC ABDUCTIONS~

  2. Brahm Erson says:

    Repeal the Federal Reserve Act. Why should USA or any nation print money ON LOAN from an amalgamation of private banks (The Federal

    #Bernie wants to audit the Fed – and more.

  3. The Money Masters. A must watch!!!!!

  4. Daniel Blair says:

    After listening to the whole video, what came to mind to me, was the NWO and it's processes, pretty much the same thing, this world is passing away and soon Jesus will be coming to setup his Kingdom here on earth, but only after the ending of the time of the gentiles comes, and the Lord will turn his attention back to Israel, (Daniel's 70th week) back to the point here is you came into this world without anything and naked, guess what, you leave this world the same way, unless you lay up treasures in heaven/rewards, all else is corruptible and will go back to dust, if you trust in the things of this world you will be greatly disappointed in the results in the end, money can't buy you love, your chance is right now is to lay hold of salvation and eternal life while your alive, and it's free, all you have to do is believe that Jesus died for you, arose on the 3rd day and the son of God and let Jesus into your life and heart and be baptized in his name,  may you be blessed

  5. The Prophet says:

    THE LOVE OF MONEY is the root of ALL evil and these people are evil.

  6. Fucking government of the countries had no choice rofl

  7. Joe Dirt says:

    Wow and my family fortune is only 47 million. I'm broke compared to them :(

  8. sam danha says:

    Rothschild enslave the human race, we need to topple this evil!!!

  9. enemdy says:

    No wonder i dont have any money now.. fuck you rottenchild

  10. 500 trillion you think they would be satisfied with 499 trillion what do these people eat ?

  11. Bryan Lee says:


  12. coka says:

    they'll burn in hell with there shit money ! whatever they do ! do they need money on Mars ?!! maybe who knows ! wicked lost people ! rot !

  13. Stuart K says:

    How do people know they are worth five hundred trillion? Has somebody seen a bank,statement?

  14. Wake up folkjs our royals were partying big time in the 17th century. They took out massive loans from monsters, those cast out folks without property. Its us left with their bill, we are paying their ticket from centuries past….V

  15. Just as the kings and queens were stripped of power in the Jakobite revolution, I prey these fucks are brought to account for their sins one day….V

  16. Ben Cawley says:

    Anyone who actually cared to study the Rothchilds instead of watching dubious youtube videos of them, would realise that they are greatly diminished. Still incredibly wealthy by average standards, but actually a small force in modern banking. Hitler confiscated most of their wealth in the second world war and it was never returned. From this they never recovered.

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