Signs Of The End Times – Prophecy In The News 2016 (Shocking Video)


In this end of the world video, we are going to present you the prophecy in the news in 2016 i.e., signs of the end times. By watching this video, you can learn all …


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  1. For how much these Feminists and Satanists always say they are so different from everyone else and don't care about the old rules so much they really are ALWAYS fighting to have the platform. Fake pieces of shit.

  2. It's really hard to KNOW the truth when so many people are SO FUCKED

  3. EVERY news story will likely upset you. That is why it is there.

  4. Just watch our freedoms leak out of our fingers.

  5. It's a limitless technology? They can do ANYTHING with it? Like release a chemical to KILL YOU after they put the thing on!!!!! WAKE UP PEOPLE! They have ALREADY TOLD US that they want US DEAD!!!!!!

  6. 29/07/2016: Is today. Is today.
    Is the end.
    Help me!.Help me!.
    SOS. SOS.

  7. Read 1 Pet 4:7 'The END of ALL things is NEAR.'

    The 'End' was of the old world order, that of the old covenant with the nation of Israel with it's headquarters in Jerusalem.

    Just as the flood did not destroy the earth but only that wicked generation of people, so did the fire in the first century destroy that wicked generation that killed it's Messiah, prophets and saints. God had to revenge their blood and did so in 70 AD.

    Rev 1:1 written to 'Bondservants/slaves/Israel in bondage'
    Rev 1:9 John was 'companion in tribulation' when he penned it
    Revelation was written during the tribulation, the curses of the old covenant upon the nation of Isreal scattered to the four winds of the Roman Empire with synagogues in every city, to announce the curses of the covnenat they did not keep: 'sword, famine, plagues, beasts, death.'

  8. end of time is when the sun rise from the west

  9. Sunny Ex says:

    And eye opener thank u soo much

  10. Cottard Remy says:

    It's really all fun until the antichrist comes and no one even realizes it's him and all the sudden one last trumpet sound the that's it for us all – easy as that

  11. fuck u fagats lesvians hoes prostitudes all ya

  12. tilly baker says:


  13. fxejohn HD says:

    How about this……the 3 rivers damn in China has caused a shift in the earth axis which is initiating changes to the seismic plate shift process…..i.e. The planet is adjusting to the weight of the water gathered behind the damn

  14. The messiah’s hair is like lambs wool: Revelation 1: 14-15 14) And His head and hair were white as white wool, as snow, and His eyes as a flame of fire, 15) and His feet like burnished brass, as if refined in a furnace, and His voice as the sound of many waters. Daniel 7:9) “I was looking until thrones were set up, and the Ancient of Days was seated. His garment was white as snow, and the hair of His head was like clean wool, His throne was flames of fire, its wheels burning fire.?

  15. The Messiah Name is Yahoshua! Jesus means, hay-Zeus, Jupiter, etc. True Hebrews: we must stop following the wickedness of the Nations! The True Hebrews Redemption is Near! the so-called negro, African/Americans, Etc. who fore Fathers Came over to all the Nations, by the Transatlantic Slave trade. We Are the True people of the Book " the scriptures, the scroll, the so-called bible". The True Seed of Abraham, Yitshaq and Ya'aqob. The True Hebrews Identity: Deuteronomy 28: 15-68 and Leviticus 26: 13-46. we been in theses Nations for about 400 years. True Hebrews, our REDEMPTION IS NEAR. WE REPENT AND RETURN TO THE MOST HIGH. HALLELUYAH MEANS PRAISE-YOU – YAH! DON'T FORGET the song Kumbayah = come by here Yah, come by HERE! Hebrews Leave ALL RELIGIONS?

  16. Nova X says:

    Lol 10:57 was a fucking meteor… So was the one after that smh

  17. Rob H. says:

    OMG Stan, if I had a dime for every time you fools preached the end of time I would own the United States. you fools get a life and stop trying to play the devil. the bible more of a history book then anything else. written by controlling men who wants to keep us under their thumbs.  10 commandment  read between the lines stupid

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