Date: 05/thirty/thirteen
Time: twenty:thirty
Sighting Town: ESCONDIDO
Sighting Nation: UNITED STATES
Sighting Nation:SAN DIEGO
Form: Circle
Selection of Craft: 6

Witness claimed:
“I was having out of my car
previous night time and I see like 6 orange
circular lights in the sky forming a
bizarre shape they all moved in unsynchronized
with eachother and than light out.
Some were brighter. This is the next time
Ive witnessed this. The very first time
I observed them they flew by and light
out into nowhere.”

We have dealt with the unexpected maximize in the quantity of experiences of “orbs” or “fireballs,” we hesitate to do it yet again. Nonetheless, the phenomenon appears to us at NUFORC to be this kind of a considerable transform in the experiences that we have been accustomed to receiving that we are unable to steer clear of addressing the concern yet again. We summarize beneath a few of the more spectacular, and effectively documented, cases that have been documented to our Centre, above the previous 5 months.

PUERTO VALLARTA, MEXICO, SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 02, 2012, @ 01:twenty HRS. (Area) – A senior airline captain, and his fiancée, even though sitting on the veranda of their resort space, witness up to a dozen distinctly orange lighted objects rise out of the ocean, and ascend out of sight. Full Report

ELMONT, NEW YORK, SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 09, 2012, @ twenty:ten HRS. (Area) – A partner and wife, both extremely educated pros, witness, they approximated, around twelve orange lights in front of their car, as they drove on Very long Island, New York, around 17 miles east of Manhattan .

PEORIA, ILLINOIS, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER fifteen, 2012, @ twenty:fifteen HRS. (Area) -Two ladies, driving from Peoria to Chillicothe, Illinois, witness a cluster of orange lights in the nighttime sky. Full The Nationwide UFO Reporting Centre has obtained several experiences about an alleged celebration that has transpired there tonight, September 21st, in England, Scotland, and Eire. A number of events have documented to our Centre, both via phone, and via our On-line Report Kind, that they had been recent witness to clusters of orange “orbs” or “fireballs.” In at the very least one situation near Wolverhampton, one of the fireballs allegedly passed swiftly across the sky, slowed to a cease, and then took on the appearance of a cylindrical object, which exhibited lights at both of its finishes. It then proceeded to go slowly and gradually down the size of a area thoroughfare.


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  1. Barry Wright says:

    Saw the same thing a couple years ago, very strange and definitely were not lanterns , bout 5 of them, then all of sudden disappeared ..

  2. Random Dude says:

    ive seen the fireballs didn't look exactly like the ones I saw they where following each othe 50 ft above the trees at about 25-35 mph nw heading

  3. They are really real. I saw one before, I want my daughter to see one so she can believe there real. Commonly this would be a fake thing… (photoshopped) but it's real. I was pretty shocked when I saw one. ?

  4. texxylady says:

    i saw this in Houston, Texas a few months ago…i can't believe all these sightings!

  5. I've seen this as well they were very low I could see them just over the tree tops they seemed to all be traveling at the same speed and direction at different altitudes

  6. Zom yari says:

    I don't know what was it, but I remember I was with my cousin in the front yard it was late like 8 or 10. We were talking and looking at the sky, from no where i saw this thing shaped like a comet that the kids fly with orange circles around it. It didn't have a color, it was camouflaged with the sky but still I could see the orange circles around it. I was the one who saw it, it passed really fast then it disappeared. My cousin just saw something passed really fast.

  7. saw them too in Germany

  8. Dang i thought i was the only one to see the orange lights. when i was 9 i saw them and they moved together, and slowly formed the big dipper. Ive never seen them in my area since

  9. My English Teacher saw them too ?

  10. I've seen these same lights also. Its uncanny, they look exactl … oh wait. It's this video. They're in this video. I see them because I'm watching this viveo.
    Kindly disregard this comment. …

  11. Ken Jordan says:

    Of course you all know that Chinese lanterns are sold in packs of 6 and burn for about 4-6 min…these are the nice two burner models…burn about the same time

  12. Mist Réme says:

    I saw a single one over Ocean Beach in San Diego just last night. I wish I'd filmed it. I thought it was a flare at first, but it just stayed in one place without moving. Then it slowly ascended back into the clouds. I think I saw three sparks flash around it in the shape of a triangle, but I couldn't be sure it wasn't an illusion. Very weird!

  13. Sally LeDrew says:

    I saw these tonight in Newfoundland Canada…..and a group of twinkling lights that moved and sparkled. There were about 7 or 8 orange balls that followed. Very cool to see.

  14. I saw same thing in Rochester new York over lake Ontario crazy I saw 17 of them I pulled over and idk how no one els noticed and like 5 mins later ligit vanished/faded in to sky then one night after girl friend didn't believe me there was one over my house just one tho now she believed me lol

  15. Jeremy Young says:

    just seen this now. There were 8 coming through the pass in the hills on the east side of my ranch. far more spaced out at the same precise distances. Not near as much maneuvering like ducks in a row then the first disappeared as soon as the rest reached the same point in the sky they disappeared as well. I wish I had my camera, but was out feeding my horses. very strange. There was no sound whatsoever.

  16. Shawn F says:

    I saw two of these last night 12/27/16 in Palm Springs, CA. No time to record them but was talking to a friend about what looked like flames for a hot air balloon, which wouldn't be up in the dark at 1830. One after the other in orderly linear fashion, growing brighter until reaching thr same point and then fading away as if going in a straight line in the exact direction I was facing. The creepiest five minutes I've experienced in a long time.

  17. yeah i saw it too…then it disapear

  18. Holy fuck I live in Discovery Bay, CA, it is Christmas night, and I just saw 4 of those in the southern horizon as I was getting out of MY car…

  19. Robert Craig says:

    im in north GA Dalton. Saw about 13 i think its military not aliens

  20. chiskiaooo says:

    Those are witches I have seen them over the mountains here in mexico

  21. Angel Rocha says:

    I saw them at around 1030pm two of them in southern California tonight.

  22. UFO MAN says:

    Can I get permission to add this video to my online website called :……….awesome footage. TIM

  23. Such clear footage, hot damn!! Good job

  24. LS6 Z28 says:

    I've seen these similar lights, except mine were trailing each other in a a step down pattern, and were ascending towards the clouds. The real strange part was when the last orange light that was trailing further behind, sped up rapidly and closed distance on the other lights, the change in speed was more then any heli, jet or plane could achieve, then to slow down just as rapidly. absolutely no sound coming from them, it was strange.

  25. Elaine S says:

    I saw orange orbs in the sky about 7 years ago in Oregon City Oregon. Nearly shit myself! My friend was driving ahead of me and we both pulled over and freaked out!! I couldn't see them flickering this much and they moved slower. Then suddenly disappeared. This was before the drone rage and it wasn't paper lanterns. Seemed extraterrestrial. Never really believed in the stuff til that moment. Very cool! Hope to meet a friendly alien before I die!

  26. I just saw these same lights in southern Arizona

  27. Today I just saw 3 of these balls in a forest up on the trees at night for like 20-30 secs and it just dissapear

    I dont believe in UFOs or aliens.. I maybe think it's can be some spirits or anything like that..


  28. I just witnessed something similar in San bernardino California

  29. urf urfz says:

    saw something very similar to this in australia

  30. saw 4 of them here in Italy, today

  31. im currently out on an island in nicaragua and was looking at the mountains through binoculars and noticed something like this so looked really closely for a good 10 mins it really slowy decended then faded white slowly then just disapeerd someone please explain

  32. Jimmy Hobson says:

    Just got a closeup of one with a 300mm SLR. Still can't tell if they are alien or man made. One pic appears to have a face peering back at me and it is not a happy one (you would have to see it to believe it!). Also, it appears to be morphing in the air between a cylinder and orb. You can't see them morphing unless you zoom in very close and take a sequence of shots. I took over 100 still shots and about 30 minutes of video with a night vision cam. I sent all the still closeups to an analyst for review. Whatever they are, they are really here and growing in numbers.

  33. Cory Hull says:

    They seem to be metallic aircraft's. Therefore, they may be the Grey beings.

  34. Paul Cooney says:

    Someone help me. I saw 3 Orange lights in a straight formation going in one direction. There were no flashing lights and no sound of an engine!!!

  35. Sorry to break it to ya, those are red Chinese lanterns ? they're released on celebrations, for testing, holidays, etc. it's a tradition but they're released pretty much everywhere (not just China lol)

  36. Feri Fari says:

    i have to ask, if the aliens travel so far wont they need to go to the washroom. what happens if they all of a sudden have to go?They probably land and poo in peace lol

  37. Ivan Gracia says:

    What are these??? I got out of my car one night and saw like 4 red things just floating… it was weird as hell I don't wanna believe it's anything crazy

  38. I saw the same
    Its not fake
    Its not from this planet

  39. WASTED 215 says:

    we just saw like 15 in Philadelphia PA

  40. I JUST SAW THOSE TODAY! I looked this up to see if this has happened before!

  41. Me and a friend had a dull orange ball of light fly 10 feet above our heads. It was about 1:45am back in 1991. It did not make a sound.

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