Slender: The Arrival – Console Trailer


Slender: The Arrival will be bringing its own brand of nightmare fuel to consoles late this month. Visit all of our channels: Features & Reviews …


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  1. SqueakyPugTV says:

    The game is awesome, but I think it needs an update with graphics. Just saying

  2. Gage Pfister says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this game, but I managed to beat it in under 2 hours. Parsec and Blue Isle focused way too hard on the storyline and backstory of the characters. They needed to add more gameplay, and explain WHAT THE HELL WAS GOING ON!! Overall, the game was OK. I'd give it a 6.25/10.

  3. Geo Net says:

    0:50 He is heeerrrreeeeee OMG THAT WAS CREEPY AS FUCK

  4. sam griffis says:

    I've finished this game, and I have to say that it is pretty good, blue isle said they were thinking about making a sequel, but they r not sure. I personally would love to see a sequel, or maybe just a bit of an update with a few more levels to the game. When I first played this on my friends computer, (I was about 9), I had nightmares for days on end, god Charlie, you creepy basturd.

  5. Pianotendo says:

    What if the protagonist was played by Nicolas Cage?

  6. bob says:

    Very laggy ;-;

  7. RenStyle says:

    0:32 Alguien me dice que dice en esa parte por favor?

  8. chris waudby says:

    God damn this game gives me the creeps in to scared to finish "into the abyss" but something I compelling me to get thru it


  10. Dread Shot says:

    I played this game begging to end ITS FUCKING HELL!!!!!

  11. Saint318 says:

    This game really scared me when I first played it. I did a playthrough for it. Just know that its not acting on my behalf.

  12. mother fuck I am só scary holi shit

  13. Oakside park is a forest and a underground place with the chaser the kate, and a fucking radio tower is the ending part of the story.

  14. And all phone's are fucking dead, aren't they won't live for too long

  15. This game is terrifying while wearing a set of Turtle Beaches

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