Slender: The Arrival Steam Update Ending


Some things to note: the video is very dark, but you can make out whats what if you played the game, the update seemed to make the building during “The Arrival” darker to make it more scary. If it helps you can try using 1080p fullscreen.

Pretty cool huh? Now unfortunately, unlike the non-steam version, beating the game on hardcore difficulty does not provide any additional or secret scenes. The ending plays out the same as normal difficulty, even after you watch the credits. Oh, but you get the “fearless” achievement.

Also after the ending I showed the additional 6 scrapbook items that were included in the Steam version.
– Two of them are found on panels in the lit areas behind the gate during the prologue
– One is found in the burned house during prologue
– One is found in the oakside park shack before the prologue ends
– The last two are found in the ending scene.
– (1.5.4 update) Inside the burned house.
– (1.5.5 update) Outside the backdoor of the burned house.

It’s okay though at least there was a decent amount of new content for free if you purchased the game before the Steam update.

If you haven’t purchased the game already, you can buy it on Steam for $10
Buy it here:

“Slender: The Arrival” was developed by Blue Isle Studios and published by Midnight City
Video created by Poool157


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  1. What the recorder says:
    kate: oh my god!
    CR: kate please…
    kate: I…I cant…
    CR: there's no other way.
    kate: I CANT!
    kate: I cant…
    CR: kate…
    footsteps or banging
    CR: oh god no(?)
    CR: I'm so sorry…oh god, I'm so sorry!
    CR screaming while getting burned alive while kate is crying

  2. The scalias says:

    What's the game about is it a story about kate or slender?

  3. And I Know Her Name "Lauren Kate"

  4. You see I don't get this part of the game like what was the point of this part

  5. what was the tape saying?

  6. Jdtheepic says:

    3:14. As a Left 4 Dead player, I do NOT want to go near that crying.

  7. Will R says:

    1:12 What is the audio from the recording saying?

  8. mojoblue70 says:

    I think the skeleton boy is Charlie and the and the person with the white hoodie is Kate

  9. MegaMix says:

    I did some studying, and if you were wondering what that body being dragged is, it's Kate's body, because if you look at Kate's model, the shoes look exactly the same as the ones being dragged, so yeah.

  10. And whats the point of this video?

  11. Snuffles says:

    can someone please just tell me whats happening ;-;

  12. Quick question why is charlie guarding the stairs?..

  13. then why is Slenderman part of this story and I still don't get who is kate.

  14. HeyImLexi says:

    wait was kate the one laughing?

  15. Ft.maddieee says:

    I just finally cracked the code how long it and what's that monster was it was Charlie

  16. that was charlie and kate the chaser

  17. Messy Doge says:

    Creepiest ending ever

  18. dino boy501 says:

    I'm 9 and I have the full game

  19. David LP says:

    boring… just boring….

  20. Saif Uppal says:

    were those liquids on the boots at the ending blood?

  21. Can somebody tell me what did the camera was telling? ?

  22. lawrence2ist says:

    the main character had the worst death and by her owm friend who was brainwashed by the slenderman and dragged off without no one knowing or ever knowing

  23. Rickinho3 says:


  24. Rickinho3 says:

    WARNING: Turn down the volume :D

  25. Oh holy crap! That's the girl (Seen at 2:06) I saw in the first chapter. She was in that burnt house by the construction site!

  26. Well that ending sucked nice vid though

  27. The Zachvolt says:

    So that makes…
    3 endings.

  28. The plot is sorta lame :/
    Lauren ran into Kate "The Chaser" in the mines, so she would have realized before.

    But I guess the purpose of the nostalgic illusion was to show that the weird mine creature was indeed Kate.
    Lauren's attempt to find and save Kate failed.
    While she did find Kate, it was already too late.

    The traumatic realization that the creature was indeed Kate probably made Lauren unable to realize the danger.

    I have another theory though. Kate was driven mad by Slender's influence which made her a 'proxy', but she is still suffering inside.
    So Lauren 'sees' Kate in the corner crying, but as she comes closer she realizes it is too late, Kate is proxified… Kate is forced to bring Lauren to slendy to become a proxy too.

    Ofc, why on Earth did Charlie Matheson Jr. bring Lauren into the house with Kate, and why did Kate sit in the corner? Why not bring Lauren to Slendy? Why did the proxy get Lauren out of the tower, why wasn't it Slendy?
    If Kate was completely not-kate and totally-proxy, she would have sought out Lauren and killed her in the house like she did in the mines.
    The fact that Kate was sitting in the corner and crying makes me believe she was suffering inside, but when Lauren got close her proxified state made her attack and knock out Lauren.

    IF Kate was just chilling in the corner all proxy-like, then that means Lauren could have tried to escape the house and maybe run away somehow.

    Idk. It wasn't a very satisfying plot.

  29. end of the video it says " Re: Bitches"
    on the note lol

  30. Proxy Kate says:

    Yes… But you do not know MY story…

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