Springs, Hammers and a side of Death l Super Mario Maker l #11


Synopsis—- Hey guys. I’ve decided to start a brand new series with Mario Maker as I love this game SO much! Endless Mario levels is almost too good to be true …


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  1. rhinosity says:

    here is my level pls play it course ID 36f1-0000-020d-ef0c

  2. OnionTrap says:

    That was one of the easier levels I helped him make, every one of my Brothers levels he makes them I edit them just to add a hint of challenge.

  3. 29:02 thats why i put it there

  4. 30:44 Noooooooooo! you found out the secret! good 4 u

  5. This was fun to watch red!!!!

  6. Ayyyy my little brother Harryson stumping you with his level!

  7. Soldier A1 says:

    Any jumpscares this video?? LOL great vid red!

  8. Thanks for playing my level thanks a lot! ?

  9. brickboy8503 says:

    Regarding to the glitch with the bridge, the bombs are JUST close enough to explode if you take to long, same happened to me. And some reason the enemies but not the blocks respawn☹️

  10. brickboy8503 says:

    Omg my level is cursed 0_o the %

  11. brickboy8503 says:

    Hey red should my next level be hammer bro themed?

  12. Thanks for playing my level, Red!

  13. Bustin's 2nd: 68CE-0000-020E-95BF
    Thanks again!

  14. Zheoferyth ` says:

    For your level bookmark problem, I tried to help you earlier, guess I wasn't clear enough!

    1st Log in on your profile on supermariomakerbookmark.nintendo.net
    2nd go on supermariomakerbookmark.nintendo.net/courses/ ENTER CODE HERE

    You'll get on the level's page where you can now bookmark it from there!

    By the way, if you haven't played the rest of my levels, I suggest you wait. I'm going to update them soon. Every level after 1-2 has something I thought I could improve, and I'm going to improve them.

  15. Josh Weiner says:

    Hi Red Legend! i fianlly made the level I actually called it Red Legend! the code is: D0C8-0000-020E-B7E0. plz check it out!

  16. JustAniss says:

    I made a pretty hard level for you. Its not a fast level. I hope you enjoy it: https://supermariomakerbookmark.nintendo.net/courses/C243-0000-020F-3B50 (course ID: C243-0000-020F-3B50)

  17. F6F0-0000-020F-5F53 Good Luck!

  18. Pink Floyd says:

    hey red legend I got a fresh new level! 1BCE-0000-020F-9C86

  19. Here is my stage Red Legend! (15C2-0000-020C-5EAA)

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