Stardew Valley – Part 34 The new arrivals – Let’s Play


Our coop is complete, and so the day for chickens has finally come!

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  1. thejonnymar says:

    6:18 Jonny the chicken! 😀
    – I was very confused about how to take care of animals at first as I had never played a game like Harvest Moon before this game. You need to place the hay in the feed trough at the back of the coop, enough pieces for each animal every day, because you can't feed them directly by giving them the hay. To collect hay, you need to build a silo and either grow grass (from "grass starters" you buy, or from wild grass on your farm) to cut with your scythe, or buy it and place it in the silo (fiber from weeds doesn't work as food). If you upgrade the coops/barns, you can get "auto-feeders" that will feed your animals automatically from your silo supply each day. But until then, you gotta do it manually! ^_^
    – Also, if you let your animals out on nice days, they will seek out grass on your land to eat. If they find some, they'll eat it and you won't have to feed them that day. It can help to grow grass around the coop/barn if you're going to do this. Letting them out when it's sunny increases their happiness. Don't leave the coop/barn door open at night, though, or during bad weather, as they don't like that. Also, make sure to talk to them every day, and brush cows/sheep/etc. once you get them each day!

  2. Jupeycat says:

    You need to feed your animals every day. Hay can be put straight in their trough from your backpack until you get a silo (I think they are really cheap). Only the largest coop and barn feed the animals automatically from the silo so until then you have to remember to do it yourself. 🙂

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