Talking World War III Blues/Matt Rivers Cover


Matt Rivers Busking in Downtown Asheville.


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  1. Joe Bloggs says:

    this is such a cool cover! would love to see this guy play! ;D

  2. Great cover. Liked the lyrics changed too.

  3. Guy Newton says:

    Yea, Matt does a great job on this.

  4. This is awesome. Good job man

  5. Thank God there's a decent cover of this great song. Shame yet again on Sony – don't buy any of heir stuff!!! – for banning it in the Uk.

  6. Guy Newton says:

    Yea, I thought he sounded authentic, as if he understood what he was singing

  7. this is great, such a great cover, and it's so authentic, awesome job!

  8. any other videos of Matt? Just saw the Jesus Christ cover and it's awesome too!

  9. Mike Waite says:

    Dude that was seriously awesome! I was trolling around on youtube and stumbled on this video…can you explain how you do that little jig between chord changes? That's awesome, I have no ear for that kinda thing or haven't learned it yet….so my changes sound a little dull….very impressed by your harmonica too. Great lyric changes also! So cool man, u must get alotta spare change!

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