The Arrival of Dajjal in Pakistan This Month : Shocking Warning from Sheikh Imran Hosein


The Arrival of Dajjal in Pakistan : Shocking Warning from Sheikh Imran Hosein.


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  1. are u a shia or what

  2. urdu men translate karen. ..

  3. Eiraj Shakib says:

    paistan is already their slave sir and USA is the biggest supporter of pakistan government for your info last 15 years they paid 31 billion dollar to pakistan that pakistan is make those terrorests and send them to afghanistan to do so called jihad . that americans have an excuse to stay in afghanistan ,

  4. Faiz Jilany says:

    20% of world population lives in sub continent three countries, must be a piece of cake to get some sudden less minority and a batter place for Jews after massive wars.

  5. Sara Roman says:


  6. the pigs and monkeys Where many years ago jewish People

  7. zeeman man says:

    this man doesn't know the history, Pakistan was made by the British and with their Jewish bankers . Pakistanis were British foot soldiers , their army is still being trained by the same slave masters.

  8. Is madarchod ko ulta nanga kar ma iskay chutttad ko neela peela kar do.?

  9. MLegend says:

    Well it didn't happen did it and it won't happen until a couple of years there has to be the rain thing and the wars between Muslims and the Roman army so yh it won't be happening for atleast a few more years I guess this guy doesn't have that much knowledge

  10. Seynab Abdi says:


  11. Jack Sparrow says:

    AMEN.and one last thing. if you talk about qiyamah happening now. let me
    remind you. muhammad said between him and qiyamah is like 2 finger. and
    he himself is the first sign of qiyamah. when he died what finger
    left????? the finger that is qiyamah. qiyamah already take place since
    he died and it has been for 1400 years until now. and those war and all i
    have explained to you and the disaster that happened before and now is
    already the qiyamah. what qiyamah you talking now???? qiyamah is like a
    pregnant woman. the day muhammad died is the day the woman start his
    pregnancy. everyday its getting bigger and now TODAY the baby is about
    to be born. the time is now. we are in the end of times. dukhan is
    already one of the major sign. and it will be followed by the rest.
    there is no more minor sign now. be prepared AMEN.

  12. Jack Sparrow says:

    and stop lying about lucifer/iblis will only tell to do evil. lucifer mission is to set one astray from god command and order. adam is not allowed to come near a tree and eat the fruit from it. eating a fruit?? is that killing? or robbing?or raping?or whatever sins of the world? it means god want himself to be obeyed. and lucifer fool them. if in goodness and greatness lucifer can accomplished his mission to set one astray from god command and order. he will pursue that goodness and greatness. stop lying more. god wont curse one that commit sins for he give them time to repent. but god curse one who make fitnah of his right teaching and knowledge and overcome it with falsehood point of view. that is what your scholar today is. AMEN.

  13. barka says:

    o,o allah folowers,you folow satan,because allah is that satan11he is the wolf in sheepsclothes!!Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible was many years earlier on earth than islam.that came hundreds years later,and sudently mohamed says to the arab people that the name God from the Holy Bible is now allah,and allah has no son!is that not rear??Is that realy true that the God from the earth and heavens,says,oke today my name is allah,and I have no son anymore,i am alone and i also have another book called coran???!!!!!so you believers can forget the holy bible !!??It is satan that came with lays,its satan that hates Gods Son Jesus Christ!!

  14. 0:40 to 0:54 this distorted lighting makes him look very scary

  15. Adnan Raman says:

    It is going to wipe out after 1400 years the gang Islam Muhammed created of the face of the earth with every other evil and blackness.

  16. arafin says:

    Mr.Sheikh Imran Hosein became mad ..This is that type of Scholar who knows many thing but has not the ability to understand the situation …He is a stupid / Fake scholar … I know little Hadith …

    1) Dajjal will arrive during Imam Mahdi …(Who did not come yet)
    2) Imam Mahdi will rule Syria as Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Khalip Abu Bakar and others ruled
    3) Isa ( As) will arrive and kill Dajjal

    How is it possible ??

  17. Pakistan is a piece of shit country….filthy, dirty and corrupt..

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