The Awakening of a New Wave of Consciousness (FEATURE FILM)


This life changing film explores a ‘positive’ spiritual perspective regarding the extraordinary significance of ‘December 21, 2012’ and thereafter. SUBSCRIBE to …


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  1. Marc Bell says:

    Damn this was good … with truth. Many confirmations of previous thoughts found here …

  2. Paul King says:

    A beautiful, thought-provoking and enlightening film ❤️

  3. Lauren Amin says:

    Thank you so much for this video.

  4. Wonderful documentary which has made a lot of things very clear to me that I was struggling to understand. I was amazed at the piece which explained the crossing of Earth and Sirius…..totally awesome. Is this crossing being distorted by other sites saying it is Nibiru? and therefor instilling fear where there should be none?. I will be watching this again, thank you so much.

  5. MaryJean61 says:

    LOVE! Change starts with "the man in the mirror". Thank you for this video! Great job! I have subscribed to be able to view your other videos.

  6. Thank you for contributing to my enlightenment. Great film.

  7. Harish Singh says:

    best video found yet on youtube

  8. tex trill says:

    melanin people…..will survive two suns….this is wat whitefolks consider end of time….Our earth is not goin anywhere….Myans were melanated men…they left statues to prove there Gods of earth….

  9. DanGusTube says:

    Why this obsession to always representing planets like spheres ? In this "New Wave of Consciousness", it's maybe different !?

  10. Phil Parker says:

    Well it's been 4 years since the "great change" was supposed to start. Things have gotten worse around the world. So when's it going to start going to bronze?

  11. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  12. Adam Herod says:

    "WE" connect the micro to the macro.

  13. he keeps looking left and right whenever he says hum and the when he looks he has the rest of the sentence. i love this information but its obvious that he's reading it off of a screen, any form of deception makes me uncomfortable.

  14. This video is well presented and informative. Each time it is watched/heard the message will go deeper and expand. THX!

  15. bill reyes says:


  16. Lucky Me says:

    In this world there is not one designer who designs things without a purpose. In the same way, in the creation of man God also had an intention, a motive, and a purpose. According to this intention, motive, and purpose, He designed what He desired. This shows us that there is real meaning behind our human life and a reason for our existence. Since human beings were created according to God’s design, what they are and the reason for their existence lie in the God who created them. , “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” (Gen. 1:1). It also says that God made man in His image and according to His likeness (v. 26). Even though these words are easily understood, their implications are deep and profound. In short, man was created for and according to God’s desire. God’s creation is the basis of human existence. In other words, human existence came out of God’s creation and also lies in God’s creation, and it is entirely for the purpose of God’s creation. In the Old Testament, the law is also called the testimony of God, that is, the biography of God. Apparently, the law is the Ten Commandments with many statutes plus many ordinances. However, after you read these commandments, statutes, and ordinances, you will come to a conclusion that the general principles of the law are love, light, holiness, and righteousness. Why do we say the law is the testimony of God? It is because the law that a person establishes is determined by the kind of person he is. God’s law expresses the God who enacted this law. Why did God create man according to His image? God’s intention was that one day man might receive Him into him It is when man receives God into him, when he prays to the Lord Jesus, calling His name, that man feels he is satisfied and that he has reality. He is at ease inwardly, and he can sleep well and eat well. Furthermore, now man has the power to live out God’s substance of love, light, holiness, and righteousness.

    To know more:

  17. Amel, Just wondering. Did you know that Alex Jones is in fact Bill Hicks? (Hicks faked his death to become Alex Jones). He is also a "Royal". This is just part of our awakening. I needed to mention this to you. Its his job, to provide misinformation and to spread the very fear we need to remove from our Minds. He works for the bad guys… Check this out:

    Thank you again & God Bless~~

  18. thomas0901 says:

    Wooowww! what a good documentary fillm!!! If your goal is to give us hope, then you have perfectly win in my case.

    Thank you very much. Let love and peace rule us and guide us !

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