The Hidden Knowledge behind Illuminati Symbolism! How It Works?


Video gets more interesting as you go, around the 21st minute The Illuminati (plural of Latin illuminatus, “enlightened”) is a name given to several groups, both …


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  1. Krambles says:

    The part with the ponies isn't by some big evil corporation – it's fan-made animation. Pretty sure these bronies aren't in the Illuminati.

  2. Most Hated says:

    Symbols are nothing to fear.

  3. kim broadie says:

    30 people who dislike this video are illuminities puppets. Dale up

  4. kim broadie says:

    OMG so my family is part of the illumniti they all eAster stars and Madona .i knew it was a reason i never joined. Im a have to pray

  5. Janiel Algol says:

    if they exist I hope to meet them and share some knowledge on how to control people. Simple recipe reverse physiology

  6. Dane Dawson says:

    When I reached 1:37 into this video, I asked myself this: How can a whisper, from across a crowded room, 'insignificant' and unknown to me, have any real effect? Like, can the display of some complex differential equation have any effect in the average grammar school? I keep this in mind, as I continue to observe. {former Math student, just wondering, "what's this?"}

  7. on this see HIDDEN COLORS 1 2 AND 3 see DR. PHIL VALENTINE

  8. Everyone needs to draw on their dollar bills to expose what is hidden on them and by spending them others will see and maybe catch on.

  9. this is not DW This IS. his MAMA. And that's just how I FEEL . that LOVE IN ME would. not HATE abd TORTURE. my children whether they love me are not because LOVE. is LOVE. and I wait till they felt. the LOVE I have if it took forever. not one child would I stop Loving. Angels. Yes LUCIFER FELL. HATE got. kick. out forever but ANGELS. FELL. THEY WILL STAND again. when they. feel LOVE is still. LOVE waiting. for them. to come. home…..They. will finally. LOVE. BACK. OH. LUCIFER. son of LOVE. son of the Morning. how thy have fallen. JOY will come early. in the MORNING. AMEN. I HAVE. FAITH. In LOVE. …

  10. mredstriumph says:

    I haven't watched this yet, but I've spent quite a bit of time and energy researching occult symbolism on my own. In my own opinion these symbols have a couple of reasons – number one, Satan once tried to "unify" the world and build a tower through Nimrod which was known as the "Tower of Babel" which God destroyed, and then scrambled and confused the people's languages to keep them from such mischief in the future. That disruption of the spoken language set Satans plans back quite a bit – which is WHY he now focuses so heavily on symbols – because he thinks to get around the obstacle to "unity" (AGAINST GOD) that he now faces, because if you speak Chinese and I speak Arabic and someone else speaks French, we may not be ABLE to communicate verbally – but through symbols and "universal" symbolism we still can.

    The other reason is because Scripture identifies Satan as a LIAR and AN ACCUSER of man. Therefore when you stand in Judgement before the LORD, many will attempt to say… "But LORD, I was deceived… I didn't know…" – to which your ACCUSER will say "LORD, they knew.. for I myself have shown them every step along the way. Did you NOT see this? Did you NOT see that? How is it that you did not know – if not that you LOVED your darkness rather than light because you KNEW the things that you did were evil."

    And many of the UNSAVED who have rejected Christ will be condemned of many sins in this way.

  11. I guess if you will buy this you will buy anything. First It would be best for most of you to do more then just some you tube research. Illuminati and masons have one tie. The founder of the Illuminati joined the mason's, but was kicked out because he was to radical. Second U.S money is has the all seeing eye and the eagle because as the worlds youngest super power we wanted the world to see our greatness so we stole from two of the greatest powers in history. THE EGYPTIANS AND THE ROMANS.

  12. MrYy45 says:

    so I'm too lazy to read all this shit why not have narration? 2015 for crying out loud lol

  13. mrbaggy dave says:

    Clean hands, good faith, a pure heart, honourable intent, humble acceptance "We get what we give"!.. And the spirit of the universal force referred to as God/Allah..etc.. is ours!!.. peace

  14. I've poked fun at you in the past, Mark, but this was one of your better talks. Very informative, thanx

  15. Martin Reed says:

    because gives bankrs moguls power over blind to rule roof tops teach prep real people missions is fed clothed with wise awakes if storm to bad hotter frogs father gd refuge

  16. Martin Reed says:

    why asking your help listen to jfk

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