"The Keys To The End Of The World" Sold On Ebay



There they ended up, a pair of exceptional, unique on the lookout keys designed of titanium, a consignment from one particular of our a lot of faithful purchasers. At the time, I was thinking, “What are these?”

I located out that they are ICBM start keys from the former Soviet Union. My consignor had two sets of two and wished me to promote them through my on line enterprise on eBay. It finishes up that he was good friends with Yuri Glazkov, the Soviet Key Typical and Russian Cosmonaut.

When the Soviet Union was breaking up, Typical Glazkov designed a number of items to my consignor, such as these keys. He also gave him a further set of keys made use of for launching the rocket that took Glazkov into room. Unnecessary to say, I bought equally sets of the ICBM start keys, titling them “Cold War Doomsday Soviet ICBM Start Keys” and describing them as “the keys to the conclude of the globe”.

A person set went to a private collector in the United Kingdom the other went to a gentleman involved with The Silent Heroes of the Cold War Countrywide Memorial Committee. When they went up on eBay, the auction finished up with hundreds of countless numbers of hits on the web page, swiftly starting to be the greatest seen product I have at any time had up. That was back again in 2004.

This all has been brought clean to me in just the previous few of months. I located myself back again on the mobile phone with the gentleman who bought them here in the United States. He wished to validate the keys but failed to know how to, so he took them to the Background Channel’s super strike present, Pawn Stars. Of class they highlighted them in the present, which aired Monday, the eighth of March. It was interesting to see anything that had long gone through my arms getting introduced on a nationwide cable Television present. Of class there ended up some spots that they did get completely wrong. Their skilled stated that he felt they ended up not ICBM start keys but room start keys. He went on to say that ICBM start keys are more frequent than room start keys.

Again when I bought them, I did a very little little bit more investigation, calling officers in the OSI (U.S. Air Force Place of work of Particular Investigations), the DOD (Department of Protection) and the FMA (Overseas Substance Acquisitions). All confirmed them as ICBM start keys. I also located out that room start keys are out in the public a great deal more usually than ICBM keys. Just after each individual room start, the keys would be introduced to the ranking cosmonaut on board to commemorate his/her room journey. ICBM keys ended up guarded and under no circumstances allow out into the public. Other than for that one particular slim slice of time when the Soviet Union was disintegrating, attaining nuclear start keys was unattainable.

For another person who specializes in promoting antiques and coaching and teaching other people in performing the identical, this was a quite exclusive opportunity and probably one particular of the rarest merchandise we have at any time bought. The chilly war was a part of the history of the globe. Getting this sort of an critical element of it circulation through my arms was a privilege.



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