The Race War Has Begun (World War 3) ‘Year Of Chaos 2016’


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  1. SDR Worley says:

    wow press, great job

  2. man0z says:

    Christianity and Islam aren't opposed to each other. The western world is no longer Christian and has been hit hard with cultural marxism which is what Islam is opposed to. The Islamification of Europe is actually a good idea but only if it is done at all levels (courts and banks especially) but NOT the way it is being done now, ie through immigration.

  3. How is this 33 million being spent?….Just curious. That's a hell of a lot of money.

  4. Sick of John zinna

  5. tom m says:


  6. John Calaway says:

    If Trump loses, I'm moving and becoming a citizen of Russia. Putin is a HERO and patriotic leader! ??

  7. iamLI3 says:

    shit press things are still getting worse on that front eh? im on the side of reason and i too don't want to see things come to this , we can't afford it in our dying world , im trying to figure out how we can change this course before this climaxing triggers the reaction we all dread…..

  8. Square one says:

    Name 1 Black person pushing for a race war ????!!!!

  9. No pure race on this earth. Everyone has DNA that links to multiple nationalities. We're more alike than we are different.

  10. It all looks so staged. Why was that guy still around when He turned back around after a fair span of time. I don't get it. I think this is more social engineering, this vid of protecting the guy with the gun… Is it possible that They are making up these things to tell Us is happening? They are psychopaths, after all…

  11. Frank James says:

    I hate to be so negative, but I really think people are just too stupid. The plan is very old and refined. It's origin is with the scientific elite, the eugenics family's of the 1800's. They had meeting's on how they were gonna control everyone in a tight, orderly, scientific fashon, by a certain time, and that time is obviously soon. I still try hard to help people I meet have some awareness so the the problem can be fought, but most people, no matter how you go about it with them, seem just too gone for how late in the game it is. It's very sad. I don't want to see humans slaves.

  12. Jay Bea says:

    Of course people are going to join the race war regardless if they want to. Immigration is of uncompromising opposing forces. Its, take a stand or your families culture and future is dead. NO CHOICE !

  13. The GODDAMNED stupid whites foolishly supporting blacks are the biggest problem next to the dreidel spinners pulling strings behind the scenes like Soros! If these GODDAMNED brainwashed idiots had a clue to the extensive damage that has been done to our nation with their endless dysfunction, criminality, and cries of victim narratives – they would be abandoning blacks in droves! The man exposes the truth is threatened and arrested while scum are left to push their brainwashed narrative! Idiots!

  14. ty bo says:

    why should someone be forced to leave? fuck that. what has happened to standing your ground? aren't we free? don't we have the right? I would've unloaded as many mags as I had on me to prove a point and go down for the cause. FUCK THAT. What the fuck has happened to people? this is insane.  I WILL NOT RUN WHEN THREATENED. WAKE UP PEOPLE. seriously…wake up.

  15. all tap water has been laced with flouried which is a neurotoxic, it causes brain damage, and thank you for making this video, I ADVISE TO THE PUBLIC OF THE "USA" TO STOCK UP ON BOTTLED WATER, A WATER PURIFIER AND CAN GOODS, ALSO PLOT A ROUTE OUT AWAY FROM YOUR HOME FOR WHEN THINGS GET REALLY BAD, AWAY FROM THE CITYS, MARTIAL LAW IS AT HAND. FORCED LABOR FEMA CAMPS WILL BE established, THERE ARE LAWS TO ALLOW THIS. please listen to this warning..

  16. Termi Nation says:

    Do we really want the status quo to continue?
    I kinda like lightening and thunderstorms.

  17. nuddekutsch says:

    dont fight your neighbors, dont fight against each other because of your skin color, dont fight the police (these are mothers and fathers too!) BUT FIGHT YOUR GODDAMN GOVERNMENT OVER THERE IN THE STATES FOR FUCKS SAKE !!

  18. ACguernica says:

    he should have shot those fuckers, he's got more patience than I do, that's for sure.

  19. It's crazy how the enemy is just deceiving people to go against each other with these movements. There's going to be a lot more where this comes from, greater riots and greater chaos.

  20. and how easy is to devide a country when there is so much hate

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