The Recipe for Survival


The Illuminati plan on building their New World Order on the ashes of our currently decadent society. According to their leaders, only 10% of the current world population will be permitted to survive the coming manufactured crisis. What are these crisis, you might ask?

1. Economic Collapse.: No Currency, no manufacturing, no food on the shelves of your local grocery store. Without a medium of exchange, our current society will be unable to function. Barter for goods and services will replace cash. Urban areas will erupt in mass rioting, urban warfare and looting. Illuminati agitators will instigate acts of large-scale arson to create the ashes that their Phoenix will rise from. Rural Areas will be terrorized by roving gangs.

2. Plagues and Manufactured Illness: They have been working on this one for awhile. I believe the swine flue virus (which is a manufactured virus) and the vaccine are both being used to take down our bodies’ immune systems. The vaccine is a thousand times more destructive than the disease. Squalene in the vaccine actually causes an auto-immune reaction similar to AIDS.

The second wave of illness will include bubonic plague, re-engineered smallpox, etc., My son had a dream where he saw people lining up to get the vaccine only to find that they were really in a line leading to a psychopathic slaughterhouse.

3. Military attack with no quarter given. This slaughter will come from chemical, biological, nuclear and conventional weapons. Some of the Chinese and Russian troops are already here. They are arming our Native American populations and opening the door to a full-scale invasion.

The Chinese and Russian troops own our country because they have been buying our debts in the form of Federal Reserve Notes. When we either stop paying on that debt, or inflate the principal away through hyper-inflation, it will be used as a pretext for war. In reality, the Chinese Illuminati and the Russian Illuminati already have an alliance with the Europeans and Americans. When the stuff hits the fan, the Traitors plan on being underground in bunkers, hiding on foreign soil, or living in Switzerland. They will make their reappearance after their so-called “peace” is restored.

4. The Mark will be given as part of the rebuilding process. Those that receive it willingly will have it in their hand. Those that are somewhat compelled will receive it on their forehead. Those that fail to accept Lucifer as their god will be executed by guillotine (the favorite tool of the Masonic-Illuminati Revolution).

The Escape Plan:

Pay now, while it is still daytime. When the sun sets on this generation your ability to pay will disappear and will have to wait until the next life. Yes, we take our debts with us when we die if we don’t satisfy them here. They also take a whole lot longer to repay.

2. Pray for yourself, your family, and others that these things might not come upon them. Or, that they might be spared and be directed on a straight course through them. Trials are part of our learning experience. God might not take them away, but He can strengthen us so we can carry them.

3. When things get bad, only two groups I know of will have food, shelter, fuel, water and a community around them for protection. One will be the Amish. The other will be the Mormons. If I have missed any, let me know. Find out which group is closest to where you now live. When the chaos begins, make a beeline to one or the other before martial law and the barricades form. If you wait too long, you will be trapped in a place you do not want to be.

Buy the Following Right Now!

1. A Tent large enough for your family to live in, if needs be.

2. Enough food for a three to five day journey. Back-packs for each

member of your family. High protein-high nutrition, low water content.

3. Sleeping bags that can be placed on each backpack’s frame.

4. Hand-held water purifiers that you can use along the way, safe drinking water is a major necessity.

5. Gold and Silver to buy what you need when you get there. Relying on the charity of others might not be the best option.

6. One shotgun (12 gauge) with one box of shells. (Great against mobs or gangs).

7. One rifle (with scope) for hunting and long range protection, with two boxes of ammo.

8. One pistol (I like the 45 or 9mm with ammo clips) with two boxes of rounds for each gun.

9. Matches, a first-aid kit, socks and a change of clothing.

10. Good Walking shoes for yourself and every member of your family.

For Winter Gear:

1. Anything that has down in it: IE coats.

2. Winter hats (most body heat escapes through the head.

3. Parkas

4. Shoe covers and fresh socks (4 pair per person).

Oh yeah, bring a bar of soap or two; some vitamins and minerals.

If you live near one of these groups than rent a storage unit in or near their community and fill it up with food, ammo, clothing etc.

If for some reason you don’t like Mormons or the Amish then put together a group you do like. Just make sure your group has the following skills:

1. Hunting.

2. Holistic Medicine Expert

3. Landowner

4. Security/firearms expert.

5. Farming and Gardening

6. Carpenter

7. Mechanic

8. Seamstress

9. Animal Husbandry.

And others that will strengthen the group.

God made us dependent on each other for a reason. It is the Illuminati purpose to destroy our society, not God’s. After we have done our best we can turn to Him for the difference.

May He bless you and your families.

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