The Secret Cause of World War 3


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  1. smythpearl1 says:

    They won't be happy until they get rid of about a billion of us so they can have all the resources. Bunch of insane mad men running this world!

  2. norka dyrne says:

    Fuck IsraHELL and hell no i will never stand with IsraHELL.
    Hitler was right about all this fucker's
    All that shit in the Middle East is a problem created by IsraHELL 
    reopen the nazi oven for all those fucker"s

    IRAN have to get the bomb, like that IsraHELL wont be able to treat and bully the Middle East.

  3. Kadir Susuz says:

    Now Turkey is going to down.Our Kurd brothers fighting against us.Kurdistan will be created for only to better safe israel.

  4. Mike Hunt says:

    LOL The USA spends more than 10 times than the entire rest of the worlds militaries COMBINED. No one can compete against the USA in terms of spending. This doesnt include the Black Budget.

  5. Zip Zenac says:

    Just listen to those cheering lapdog American politicians. It's so shameful. All are like those who clapped for Stalin, too afraid to stop in case they were singled out as non supporters by the Jewish Lobby, meaning no political funding for their next campaigh. How pathetic they are. Self-serving Zionist slaves.

  6. Ulrich Amper says:

    I am a pilipino we have to destroy China by keep firing training ambush use the strongest troops and aircrafts to attack defense of China and destroyers will shot the factory tanks and soldiers and helicopters and drones and America and phillipines they will clear the base of China and destroy enemy army and the special force will do the rest the ships to will destroy China base they won't sink loose lips might sink ships

  7. 7thSmurf says:

    FUCK israHELL ..they have managed to have the whole western world revolve around THEIR problems !! WHY THE FUCK? We need to get out of the jewish banking system. but where to ? An Islamic banking system ? great..we fund our own death thru that. We need Christian banks with christian values similar to islamic banking but NOT in all parts. For example christian banks could invest into alkohol or toboacco companies , in pig meat and so on. But would not charge interest like the JEW banks. And the intrest on intrest is a very big problem too…

    Fuck the JEWS! they have ruined JEWLAND.

  8. Sherry Lee says:

    At 4:00 that statement is right on.    The leaders who are puppets for the powers that be, need to all be in the same room with all the puppeteers of the world and they can destroy each other and leave the decent people out of their game.

  9. thedrivaevo says:

    This life is shit, I hope some country just detonates a huge nuclear weapon and kills us all, humanity shouldn't exist

  10. alaa alaa says:

    Israel is the evil they likes wars if they wants a war let them fight alone i don't understand why america lose money and soldiers to supports those fuckers beasts who butchered the Palestinian because of Jewish madness and blood thirst america went to many wars because of them whats the benefits for American people from supporting Israel.
    people of america you are a good christian kick out the Jewish have you forget who killed Jesus they are the fucking Jewish read the history about what Jewish did to the christian since the roman try to understand why Nazis hates Jewish they are skim people rule the world behind the seen the make wars and conflicts for their own benefits they are the banker they will be the reason of destroying america the people hates america because of Israel.

  11. ian pennack says:

    The whole world wants to destroy Jews and Israel. Must be a good reason.

  12. Jaan Ge says:

    America attack on Afghanistan with 42 countries and biggest army and start a one long war butt all 42 countries fail in war

  13. Tama R says:


  14. Lee Watson says:

    He is God's Moses but with G.P.S. He is John and Blessed the real followed him,Christ is God's Chosen People. Not The Jews you should follow the Christen beliefs and not the Followers of the Tumud
    . They have quit there beliefs would not believe

  15. James R says:

    And your boy, the big O, is right there behind them.

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