The Truth About World War 3


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  1. Missy West says:

    well said Roger. This is why people need to be understanding of religious people, just like we try and be understanding of those who have yet 'woken up' to the real problems we face. You can't undo a lifetime of brainwashing in one shouting match or throwing insults. If you look into native people as good example (for me Aboriginals), they will literally become ill when disconnected from nature and spirituality. The same is true for ALL of us. We will get there together but some take baby steps

  2. Missy West says:

    any that have any involvement with this banking cartel and 'in on it' but they may not be fully aware and think they have control until they are removed (some by bullet!)There are a few country that tried to fight against this and were demonized and destroyed. TBH I am unsure which countries are free from the world bank. I thought that Iran and Syria and Russia were…a list of those not 'infected' with the B virus will be like a hit list 🙁

  3. Missy West says:

    remove those in government and others will replace them. 'Money is the root of all evil', we need to do away with gov, with money, consumerism and probably all 'isms' as a general rule.
    You can start that today is the good news. Learn as much you can about being self sufficient (grow food, water, elect etc). Many have moved 'off grid' but imo you can do this anywhere. Search 'permaculture' for ideas. Stock up supplies too in case things turn quickly.

  4. Missy West says:

    yes, so they do not identify with the victim. The problem is soldiers are human and they will identify eventually and then not cope with what they have done and seen done. Soldiers are also victims of this sick game 'elite' have played but I feel many have awakened too. What will there next plan be if they can not create a war?

  5. Missy West says:

    keep safe, I always fear for protesters as they inevitable get harmed…I don't know if the police are awake yet, seems they are not…keep your wits about you, look after each other and be wary of any instigators as they have been known to do this to turn peaceful into violence to justify their force. Keep video cams rolling (except they have ability to turn phones etc off now)
    Peace <3

  6. Missy West says:

    not a prophecy, those things were already happening otherwise I must be a prophet too

  7. Missy West says:

    beware of Infowars and Prison planet, of course go and look but keep a foot planted on the ground. Keep in mind they make their living selling you fear and the information, or their understanding of information is sometimes out of context or exaggerated. I am unsure if some disinformation has been deliberate or accidental, you just need to be aware that its only opinions. Check other alternate media sources too and make your own mind up.
    OR, simply trust your instincts, does society feel right?

  8. Pseudo Nym says:

    Tune playing in background at beginning?

  9. there isn't world war 3 in Europe, like it predicts. part of the prophecy is that Italy will trigger the fallout of global powers in a war, this will happen and none of what i mention has happened. and israel isn't in a war with iran?

  10. frans zwart says:

    Revelation 13:4 "And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?"

  11. KimchiNrice says:

    I'm sure I could've heard more If I wasn't so concerned about the crazy music slipping into my dome. I kept wondering "What the hell is that guy singing/screaming about"? I'm sure it's a good video, but I could listen to it.

  12. because people are sleeping… not seeing what is coming towards them

  13. Shah Yusoff says:

    America, Britain, Israel Vs Russia, China, Iran..

  14. Love the triquatre guys!!!!!!! Thank you for what you're doing to wake up the mass sheeple. No one seems to believe me, even when i show proof. I keep hearing "Oh, our government wouldn't do that!" Well, they are. People need to take another look at what's going on under their own noses.

  15. Nowii845 says:

    Perfect Circle! 🙂

  16. dw wd says:

    That's what it comes down to!

  17. Dee Harrell says:

    If WW3 happen it will b the battle of Good vs evil and those that r ready will prevail! Thank u Jesus!

  18. Corey M says:

    The real reason America failed. Not being able to criticize Jews without your life falling apart. Hitler was right. He just didn't kill them like they lie and say he did. Who's name's are plastered on banks? Jewish ones. Who runs the Federal Reserve? Jews. Who runs All entertainment? You guessed it. Who influences our youth with sleaze  eating disorders, self hate and envy in their trashy magazines? Jews. I can go one an on. Being called an Anti-semite and fear being associated with one only makes people turn a blind eye to Jewish deeds. Yet we are open to singling out Black, White, Arab, and other minorities and their deeds? Wake up!! They always sided with Communism. Still do. Hitler hated Communism. That is why the war started in the first place. Jews were aiding the Russians to trap Polish Germans and they ordered to cross German soil and invade with guerrilla like troops. Stalin and the Soviet Union participated in the rapes and murders of 100 million people and Jews never utter a word. If Jews really didn't want another tyrant to genocide then they wouldn't jail and fine Holocaust revisionists or deniers in Switz., Austria, Australia, Israel, Canada, and Germany and stand for people's livelihoods ruined for it in every other nation they reside. Including America. They'd listen to why these people exist and would prove them wrong by unearthing the mass graves. Instead, they drag us into the Middle East to fight their wars and change history to suit their agenda in Schools and Jewish themed museums. All they care about is preventing their actions from kicking them in the ass. This is why Hitler hated them. I'm genuinely a man of truth and am not afraid to admit when I'm wrong. Jews should too. They won't get killed as a race if they expose defectors of their group either. They'd be commended. Words and actions are not the same. Seems you can't tell Jews that though.

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